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Tantric in Sydney (3)

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This is the third and last part of my Tantric in Sydney experience.

To the contributer from Brisbane. This all happened about five years ago, I don't have the contact info, I got the course info from a friend in San Francisco. I think there was info in the relationships section in weekly magazines in Sydney.


On Sunday morning we had a breakfast made by the men and some nude laying around time by the pool. We then had our third massage experience and education with the third different surrogate and I was matched with Kim. Again Fiona went from private room to room giving ideas, instruction, encouragement.

In this massage session, as in all three over the weekend, we were given the choice of massaging the lady or being massaged or both. In each of the different experiences with the different lady she also gave tips and feedback of her experience with you. Each of these massage experiences included whole body massage in which (for example) the lady would massage the mans back and front with her face, breasts, vaginal area, feet etc., and she would slide her oiled body over mine. I chose to do this to Kim and I slide my chest and cock over her ass and back and up to her hair. Then I turned her over and slid my penis over her belly and breasts.

I fingered Kim's pussy in the way that Fiona instructed me and Kim gave me more info. I learned to have her put her legs around my waist while I sat on the floor so I could access her pussy, her anal area and her nipples. I found the best place on her clit and helped her build her sensations with her feedback. My cock was like iron hard. She directed my other hand to her anal area for me to massage, and I slipped a finger in her ass, then the other hand in her pussy and her clit. Fiona circled her nipples with her fingers. Kim built into the biggest orgasm of the weekend, and she let it go loud, writhing while I kept my finger up her ass and on her clit. She then held her own palm over her pussy while her orgasm resolved.

This was a two hour exercise so she rubbed my cock with her hands and her breasts, building me up and taking me down. No orgasms for me yet.

Then we had lunch and talked about the weekend. All afternoon was freetime with pool games and nudity. I tried something out since the weekend was so erotic. First I called Kelly over as she was my favorite. I simply asked her if it was alright if I could explore her pussy a little bit. This was in keeping with my fantasy of being able to walk up to a pretty girl and simply ask for sex, and in an open society she would say yes. Kelly agreed and in front of everyone, she spread her legs for me and let me gaze upon and touch her pussy again. It had been since Friday night that my favorite girl had been with me. The other two men selected their girl and we had an impromtu gynecological examination, like on Friday and Saturday morning. This was my favorite part.

The men were offered the idea of learning to massage another man but no one took the offer up. I think we were all very heterosexual. Fiona said that some men like this but not always.

In the evening we had one final sensual session in which we gave each other massages in the common room. This had much more to do with the body to body massage. The ladies were so kind and complimentary of each of the men.

Group feedback was given focusing on each mans positives. I decided now was the time to have my orgasm as I had supremely blue balls but in a good way. I sent the other men out since I wanted all girls on me. I chose to have Kim do my cock as she was not a beautiful as Kelly. I asked Kelly to get beside me and we cuddled and I licked her nipples and played with her pussy. Kim stroked my cock and Fiona and Christine massaged my nipples and hair. I built my orgasm slowly and let it go with the hugest and (since this was the weekend to let loose) loudest orgasm I have ever had. It felt like my jizz hit the ceiling but I couldn't tell since there were tits in my face and so many hands bringing my sensations out. Each of the other men took their girls to their own room for their private orgasm.

After dinner I won a (private selection) and I chose Kelly to sleep with for the night. We retired and I cuddled her overnight in the deepest sleep I ever had. In the morning each girl gathered her schoolbooks and each surrogate gave each man a nice kiss and hug (i.e. I got three very nice long naked hugs and kisses) and a ritual 'dressing' took place. As each lady dressed a talk was given by Fiona about the lady and her positive attributes and how each of us dress for the outside world versus how each of us are in our inner world. The point was to try to integrate those two worlds of outwardly (dressed) relatedness and eroticism versus inward (nakedness) and relatedness to oneself and ones partner. Each of the ladies said their goodbye and left. So bittersweet, each partner was so open, kind, gentle, so willing to help, so willing to show her womanly secrets for our education and growth.

I can't find an exact word for it but the willingness for each girl to open her legs and show their womanly secrets of masturbation (at times with a vibrator) was an experience I'll never forget. I think the word might be gratitude, thankfulness, joy in a spiritual sense that they were willing to educate and eroticize with me.



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