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Tanning Salon Masturbation

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Tanning Salon Masturbation
I had open house tonight at school and because I hadn't been able to get out in the sun all week I decided to go to a friend's shop and tan in one of her tanning beds. As always, I planned to tan in the nude. Outside the flimsy walls there sat a hairdresser and her client chatting as she worked with her hair. I could hear them clearly and they were in very close proximity to me. I went into the room and undressed - almost feeling self conscious and then kind of excited. It was weird. I turned on the lights in the bed and lay down as I pulled the top down over me.
As I lay there I felt the fan blowing over my naked body and it felt so great. I moved around finding just the right position to be...arms down...arms up...yes I like them up.. stretching myself out feels nice. Legs together...legs apart...yes...apart is good. I lay stretched out as the bulbs started to heat my skin. I listened to the ladies chatting and wondered at their laughing and such as I laid there exposed. I started to think and I started to move around. I felt so sexy like I was in the sun on the beach. I couldn't help but touch myself. I ran my hands down my heated and moist skin. Across my breasts, down my stomach and across my naked pussy. The sensation of the blazing heat and my soft hand was very exciting. I wondered what the ladies outside would think if they saw me now.
"MMM" I moaned softly as I dipped into my swollen lips. I caught my breath as I slid my finger from my clit down to my reservoir. I was very turned on and the heat was intensifying all the feelings. My fingers were dripping as I started to circle my clit in consistent rhythmic jabs and circles. I arched my back off the bed and my breasts started heaving, touching the top of the bed. I stifled my usually vocal self as I continued to get more and more excited. I felt my toes starting to contract and the tension rose up my legs to my pussy and out from my stomach to my breasts and arms.
The laughing and talking continued and I pumped my fingers in and out while the other hand continued to work my clit. My bracelet clicked against the top of the bed and my breathing had become quicker. I felt sure they could hear me but I no longer cared. "Ohhh....unnnngggg...hhhhaaaahhhhh...yesssss" I exploded into this tremendous release and tried to regain myself before they knocked on my door to make sure I was OK.
I enjoyed the rest of my session by going to sleep...I was so relaxed. Then I came home, put on my teacher attire and met all my parents...many of whom commented on how wonderful I looked. If they only knew....
Just wanted to share my day. --Tammy
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