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Tanning Salon

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Even though I live where the sun is out most of the year, I still am addicted to going to the tanning salon, especially during the winter. Well, I went to the tanning salon a few weeks ago on a Friday in the late morning. I have no classes on Friday, so I usually go at that time as it is typically dead. That day was no exception. I walked in and the receptionist, who I know pretty well by now, said hello and that my favorite bed, in room eight in the back corner, was open. No surprise, as there was only one other customer there at that time.

I walked back to corner where room eight was located, and when I walked past room six, I could hear the bed on and the fan going. I also could hear the faint sound of ipod headphones turned up too loud. I thought I recognized the song, and sort of stood there, outside the door, trying to hear better. While I'm nodding my head to the beat, I heard something else come from the room. Soft moans, you know the kind. THOSE kind of moans. No mistake. I was shocked, but continued to listen. I looked back down the hall toward the reception area, but the girl up there was sitting in the front corner, so she could not see me standing there. I listened again through the door. More moans of ecstacy. I was soooo turned on. I couldn't believe someone actually had the guts to do that here. I mean, a lot of people have probably thought about it, but it's not very private.

I could feel my cheeks begin to blush, so I walked next door to room eight. First thing I did was put my stuff down and then put my ear against the wall. I couldn't hear anything but the machine buzz of the bed and the fan. I thought about going back outside to the front door that was easier to hear through, but I was too embarrassed. So I got undressed, hit the start button, and got into my bed. Of course, I couldn't stop thinking about what that girl was doing next door at that very instant. It made me so hot. She was probably lost in some fantasy with her eyes closed and her ears plugged by the music. She probably had no idea she was even making any noise.

After about five minutes, the heat from the bed started to relax me. I knew I was probably a little wet down there, but did my best to keep my hands off. That didn't work. I slid my right hand down my thigh and brushed it between my legs. I was tingly, that was for sure. I slid my finger up parting my lips, and sure enough, I was pretty darn worked up. Lots of love juice came out and on my finger. I was so turned on, I just had to rub it around. So I did and my clit became instantly aroused. I slid my finger back down through my lips and back inside me. Deep inside. When I pulled it out, it was drenched. Ok, this was really happening now.

I took out my earbuds from my own iphone, because I didn't want to make any noise by mistake. I slid my fingers up to my face so I could take in the scent. That always seemed to turn me on even more. I tasted myself, leaving my fingers nice and wet with a combination of my juice and spit, and then rubbed in onto my nipples. Both came to attention very quickly. I kept my left hand up to gently stroke my nipples while my right hand went down for business.

It only took me probably two minutes before my body was shaking with an incredible orgasm. My butt was stuck to the bottom glass from a combination of sweat and juices. I laid there in the heat of the tanning lamps and slowly recovered. I almost started falling asleep when the bed turned off with a loud click.

I got up, toweled off, and got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and my cheeks were totally flushed, but that usually happens after I've been laying out.

I walked down to the reception area, threw my towels in the basket and got a bottled water. I looked around for the mystery girl in room six, but there was no one there but me and the receptionist. Well, I have to say thanks to her, the mystery girl, as I've relived that tanning session over and over in my head probably six times over the last couple of weeks. Nice memories!



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