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Tanning Salon

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The 'Tanning' story from 10/29 reminded me of this...


I have never been fond of getting pale in the fall & winter months, so would take advantage of a local tanning salon to keep some color. It would also give me an opportunity to get rid of my tan lines.

A place very close to my home (unfortunately now out of business) was great. They had specials all the time and cute staff.

After about 4-5 visits it was obvious that my back was not keeping up with the tanning. I was using a tanning lotion on the rest of me, but my back was lighter and there was no way for me to do an adequate job applying it by myself.

I would always go right before closing (usually twice a week), so I decided to try something. After going into the room and putting the lotion on the rest of me, I asked the girl working that night, through the door, if she would be willing to help me out and put the lotion on my back. I did say that I was already naked and had lotion already on the rest of me.

She hesitated a bit, but said, 'Sure, no problem-I've seen it all before, ' and walked in. My back was to her, so I reached back and handed her the bottle of lotion. She started at the top of my shoulders and worked her way down doing a great job. I was pleased when she went past what was left of my tan line, making sure the top of my ass was covered with lotion. 'There you go', she said and left. My cock was half hard at this point, but she had no idea.

I returned 4 days later around the same time-lucky enough to find the same girl working. She gave me a warm smile and said, 'I'll be there in a bit', remembering the time before and knowing I'd want some help. I started to think she must have liked it too.

I was putting the lotion on my legs when she walked in. I said hi again and finished what I was doing, trying to be oblivious to the fact that I was naked with a 20-something girl standing about a foot from me. She took the bottle and proceeded to rub lotion over my back, going a bit slower this time. I closed my eyes, enjoying her touch and the feeling of my cock starting to grow. Her hands went lower on my ass this time, even passing part way down the crack. When she finished I turned around to thank her. She smiled, said 'You're welcome' and then looked down seeing my half-hard cock. She gave me a second smile and left. When my session on the bed way over I had to take care of things before leaving. I'm sure she knew because I took longer to get dressed and come out.

A routine had clearly been established and a good one at that. Now when I arrived I wouldn't even have to ask. She would allow me enough time to get out of my shorts and t-shirt and then come into the tanning room to apply the lotion to my back.

About 4 visits later I got there a bit closer to closing. I thought I might be too late to tan since she had her duties before closing to tend to. It was not a problem-'I'll do your tanning bed last.' She did say that she would have to lock the door since she would be in the back while I was baking.

I was almost totally hard as I was putting lotion on my chest and legs. I was just about done and expecting my friend to walk in the door. I could hear her in the back doing some of her closing chores, so thought she might be a few minutes. I was caught up thinking about her hands putting lotion on me, wondering if her hands would travel lower on my ass this time-or perhaps somewhere else. My hand was gently playing with my cock while I was waiting and didn't hear her walking towards the door. She walked in as she usually did, but instead of me standing with a bottle of lotion in my hand I had my smooth, hard cock.

She looked down and then looked me in the eye. I was just standing there in a bit of a state of shock. She got a sly grin on her face and said, 'Don't stop because I walked in.' She reached over and picked up a towel (normally used to wipe sweat from your body after laying on the tanning bed) and held out in front of my cock. She was all prepared to catch my load.

She got on her knees and held the towel in place. I continued to stroke, pre-cum now oozing from the tip. I wiped it off and licked my finger which made her smile. I continued stroking, my head now spinning with the building orgasm. A few more strokes and I said, 'I'm cumming...' and out it came. The first ribbon hit her in the neck with the remainder getting caught in the towel. Before she wiped it off she got some on her finger and licked it off with a smile on her face.

She cleaned herself and then proceeded to clean me up. My orgasm was so powerful my legs we shaking. She then applied the lotion to my back (and my ass going well between my cheeks).

That was the only time that ever happened, but I will never forget it.



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