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Talking To a Teacher

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This is a true story.


When I was 13 and in eighth grade I masturbated constantly. I was always looking for new ways to do it that were fun or exciting. This story is about a VERY exciting way I found.

I had a friend named Nick that I was very open with. We would masturbate in the open when we were alone. We always found a new way to do it, and this was his idea. He was joking around when he said, ' I wish we could masturbate at school.'

He then laughed and said that would never happen. After he left my house I thought about that idea for a long time. Something in me was now determined to masturbate in school without getting caught.

I set boundaries like, I wouldn't actually pull my cock out, or make any noises. I spent at least a week figuring out how to jack off with it still in my pants. I finally decided cupping it while it was sideways and rubbing was the best choice.

Now that I figured out how to do it I needed to find a good time to do it. I picked my art class, because there were a lot of places that legs wouldn't be noticed. My art teacher also let us sit wherever we wanted, so I sat at the corner of two adjoining tables.

Nick shared that class with me so he usually sat beside me. I leaned over and told him that I found a way to 'use his idea.' He looked at me with a funny look and suddenly remembered. Then he told me I was crazy.

I ignored him and began to touch myself. I looked around to make sure nobody could see under my table. I had no trouble getting a hard on with the excitement and my smoking hot art teacher at her desk.

She took attendance and got up from her chair. This made me a little nervous, but what scared the hell out of me was she walked towards me. All at once I thought about her telling me to go to the office because she had caught me.

Instead she sat down across from me and started talking about my last art project that I did. She said she liked it and it must have taken a lot of effort on my part. I said thank you and she stood up. The entire time she was talking to me I was rubbing my hard cock.

It had grown big enough that the head was sticking out of the side of my boxers. This caused a problem because it would make a big wet spot on my jeans, but I didn't care because I was to far gone. It was eight period anyways so I figured I could just run after the bell and no one would see. I slowly got closer and could feel the tingling in my dick.

My teacher went up to the board and began to write something. Because she was tall she had to bend over to write on the board. This had all of the boys staring at her hot ass. After seeing this I lost it. I had one of the best orgasms of my life, which made it hard not to shake. My penis began pumping my hot load down my leg. I had never came so much in my life.

Nick could tell that something was up and reached for my leg. He felt the wet spot and his eyes bugged out. After school he asked me how it was, but I didn't have the words to answer him. I told him I would show him how to do it sometime.

I will write again, seeing as I have many stories. I hope you read them.



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