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Talking Made Us Do It

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Started out as very innocent conversation between boyfriend and girlfriend but before the evening was over some of this 'innocents' was certainly lost.


I was almost 17 at the time and my steady boyfriend was almost 18. We lived in a small town that was around 30 miles from the Gulf coast. On this one Saturday afternoon, I and my boyfriend decited to go to the coast as it was Spring time. We got there but found the water was still too cold to be comfortable so we just went looking in the shops and stores there killing time. Thinking back I'm sure my attire I had on that day played a big part on how the day ended up. I was wearing one of last season's bikinis and since then I had certainly done some developing. I was sure showing lots of skin and I remember turning quite a few heads.

That early evening we hit the public shower and put on clean clothes. I put on a halter top and short skirt and my boyfriend shorts and a t shirt. We drove back home and stopped at a drive in for a snack and soft drinks. We were setting in his car talking while we ate. Soon our conversation got to the subject of sex. We mainly covered subjects about arousal and he went into telling me how girl's breast and legs get him real excited. Then the subject of masturbation came up. We both admitted that we did it and he was very curious how girls played with themselves and how it felt. We also asked how often we did it and when, etc. I concentrated on sperm. What it looked like and felt like and I remember asking him how much came out. I thought he was lying to me when he told me about the amount he released. Talking like this was very exciting to both of us and was a first to both of us.

We finished our snacks and put our drinks in cup holders and drove off. We ended up going to property owned my his uncle around 5 miles out of town. It was very secluded there and we had gone there before to kiss and make out. We got there and started our usual thing. After awhile he broke from the kiss and asked me 'would you like to feel what you do to me?'. I shook my head yes and he took my hand and lowered it down to his shorts and put it over his cock. I felt it and gave it a gentle squeeze and told him 'Oh Daniel. It's so hard!'. This was a first time for me. I then asked him if he wanted to see what he did to me. He said yes and I took his hand, raised my skirt and spread my legs and placed it over my pussy thru my panties. I asked him 'is it wet feeling?'. He said yes. He was looking at my breast and asked if he could see them. I told him yes and I removed my halter top. His eyes liked to came out of his head. He then reached up and started feeling and squeezing my tits and started kissing and sucking on my nipples. His hand then went back down to my pussy rubbing his middle finger along the slit. Daniel then asked if I'd like to see it. I told him yes and we both removed what covered us.

He went back to fingering me and kissing my tits and I wrapped my hand around his big hard cock and gently started stroking it. After just a minute or so Daniel suddenly raised up saying 'Oh Jamie. Oh God. Jamie, I can't help it.' He buried his head on my shoulder and went to making groaning sounds and he finally let out a loud aaaahhh sound and cum started arcing from his cock. Shot after shot of it came out landing on his t shirt and some on my arm. I then knew he wasn't lying to me about how much he came. His shirt was covered with the stuff. I reached over on my arm and rubbed it. I found it was slimmy feeling. Almost felt gross to me but at the same time it excited me.

After recovering from his orgasm he went back to fingering me and kissing my tits. It wasn't long before I started rocking my hips and squirming all over the seat and almost yelling from the pleasure I was feeling. I laid there getting my breath back. Daniel was besides me leaning on his right elbow. Poor guy. He then raised futher up with his hip area sticking forward over me and his cock was sticking out still hard as a rock. He then said 'please Jamie. Do it again'. I reached for it and wrapped my hand around it. Daniel then said 'wait. Let me get something'. He reached over the seat and came back over with a bottle of sun tan lotion. He took my hand and squeezed some in it. I then took his cock back into my hand and started stroking it again. Daniel's left hand was busy going between my tits and my thighs. He didn't know what he wanted to feel the most. He just wanted his hand on some soft female flesh. I'm sure that he was remembering me at the coast in that small bikini just bulging with my soft female flesh. It again wasn't long and off he went. This time his cum landed all over me. It wasn't as much this time but it was very obvious he was receiving tremendous pleasure.

After this evening we ended up getting each other off on every date. I wanted to save the other stuff for my wedding night and we limited our activity to masturbation which was certainly fine with both of us as we were completely satisfied with using our hands on each other. Thinking back: this all started off with some innocent talk. I'm sure glad we had that talk that evening.



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