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Talking About It

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Talking About It
I would like to share this with your readers and ask if anyone has ever had such an experience. First let me say that I am a married male 46 years of age. My wife has a niece that is now 26 who I will refer to as Ann. Back when Ann was 16 she and I were talking one day and we started telling jokes. One in particular she told me was about sex and she used the words fucking and pussy and didn't seem the least embarrassed about it. I had told her some jokes but I always used words like making love and sexual orgasms, etc. so as not to embarrass Ann. I figured if she used words like that so could I. So I told her another joke and I used the words fuck and pussy just like she did.
Anyway the subject got around to sex and all of a sudden Ann asked me if I liked to eat a woman's pussy. I told her there was nothing I enjoyed doing more than eating a good juicy pussy. She began telling me about when she learned about masturbation, only she referred to it as finger-fucking herself and playing with her pussy. She said she was 11 years old and one day when she was peeing she decided to look at her pussy with a mirror. She said she noticed this little bump near the top of her pussy and she touched it and almost jumped off the seat she was sitting on it felt so good. She said she continued rubbing her little bump until it felt really great. Ann said that was when she started masturbating on a regular basis. She said about a year later she was playing with her pussy one night when she had her first orgasm. She said her ass was bucking off the bed and juice was running out of her pussy. She told me it was the best feeling she had ever had and that she began to try different ways to get herself off. She described in detail how she masturbated, telling about sticking her fingers in her pussy while she rubbed her clit. She told me that she had used her hair brush handle in her pussy as well as holding the shower head so the warm water would spray on her clit. She even talked about the time she lost her virginity when she was 14. By the time she stopped talking my cock was so hard that precum was leaking out. I was so hot I had to go to the bathroom and jack off. I shot cum all over the place when I came. Ann had me more excited than I had been in a long time.
After that first time every time Ann and I were alone she would start talking about sex and playing with her pussy and fucking and sucking. She told me once that one night she went out with 5 guys and sucked each one of them off. Every time Ann and I would have one of our little talks my cock would get so hard I would have to jack off.
One day we were talking and I told Ann how hot she made me when she talked about sex. She asked if I jacked off and I told her I did. She wanted to know all about it so I described it in detail. I even asked her if she would like to watch me jack off but she declined.
Once we were talking and she asked me again about eating pussy. She wanted to know why I enjoyed it so much. Was it the taste or what? I told her to me it was the smell of a pussy that got me so excited. At that point I confided in Ann that I had on occasion been known to locate a pair of dirty panties and sniff them while I jacked off. She wanted to know how I found dirty panties and I told her I sometimes people keep their clothes hamper in the bathroom and if I happen to visit someone's bathroom I might take a look in their hamper. She wanted to know if I had ever sniffed her panties and I admitted that I had. I also told her I had shot a big load of cum in her panties on more than one occasion. She wanted to know how her pussy smelled compared to other woman. I told her that her pussy smelled delicious. She even asked me if I had ever sniffed her mom's panties and I told her I had. She wanted to know if her pussy smelled better than her mom's. I assured her it did.
Once she described in detail about finding a dildo that her mom and dad had and fucking herself with it. She told me once about her mom getting upset about coming home and finding her boy friend in her room. Although they were not doing anything but studying her mom got really pissed. So Ann said one day she brought her boyfriend home and let him fuck her in her mom and dad's bed.
This has been going on for 10 years now. Ann came by the house last night and my wife happened to be at a club meeting so Ann and I ended up talking about sex for a good two hours. The sex talk caused me to get a raging hard on. I told Ann that my cock was so hard that precum was leaking out so she asked me if I would like to go into another room and jack off. I again offered to do it while she watched me but as usual she declined. So I decided to go in the bathroom just off the living room and jack off just to see what she would do. I went in the bathroom where she could not see me but left the door open so she could hear me. I pulled my cock out and told her I was jacking off and she asked me if it was feeling good. I assured her it was and that I was thinking about her and the smell of her pussy. I told her I was trying to imagine what her pussy looked like with all that beautiful auburn hair around it so she began describing what her pussy looked like. I told her about the precum leaking from the head of my cock. I asked her if her pussy was wet and she told me it was so wet and juicy that it was getting her panties wet. I suggested that she play with her pussy while I was jacking off and she said, "I am. I have two fingers in my pussy right now." I asked her if I could watch her and she shouted out NO. She said if I looked at her she would never talk about sex with me again. Things were quiet after that for a minute or two and finally Ann told me to tell her when I was getting ready to cum. Finally I told her I was getting ready to shoot a big load of cum and when I did I said out loud, "Oh fuck Ann I'm cumming." I heard her squeal out, "Oh fuck meeeeeee, I'm cumming all over your fucking cock." After I came I wiped the cum off my cock and zipped my pants up and returned to the room where Ann was sitting. I could tell her face was flushed. I asked her if she was embarrassed and she said her face was always got flushed when she had an orgasm. She asked me to describe how it felt to cum while she listened to me and I told her I loved it. She said she got so hot that she had to play with her pussy while I was jacking off. She said she came so hard she almost peed in her panties. I asked her if I could smell her fingers and she said, "Sure", and held them under my nose. You could smell pussy all over her hand.
Ann is a hot looking young woman. She is 5'4, 115 with small tits and a nice ass. She is very pretty and has beautiful auburn-red hair. She knows how hot she gets me when she talks about sex and she enjoys it as much as I do. I told her last night that she has caused me to jack off hundreds of times in addition to fucking her aunt silly at times, all because I she makes me so damn hot and horny. She told me that it makes her hot also to talk with me and that she masturbates every time after we talk. She then started asking me about her aunts pussy, what it looked like, how it smelled and tasted. This girl wants to know all the personal details. I want to fuck her so bad I can hardly think of anything else at times, but I figure it will never happen. But I'm not complaining. I love talking about sex with her and listening to her talk about sex. It's like have a best buddy to confide in only she happens to be female and much younger than me.
I would love to hear form your readers if they have ever had an experience like this. They can email me at
In the meantime I am trying to figure out a way to get her to masturbate for me or to watch me jack off. --Bob
She tells me about all the guys she goes out with and if she fucks them or not and how it feels and how many times they do it. She gives me all the little details about her sex life.



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