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Talk Turned from Sperm To Semen

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After school discussion covering what we were studying in biology class.


It was after school when we were in high school. I, my boyfriend Allen and our friend Patty were all at Allen's house for the afternoon as it was an early out day from school. All three of us were in the same biology class and we had been covering reproduction. Of course, this involves the female provided egg and the sperm provided by the male. Our conversation stayed pretty much 'matter of fact' until my girlfriend Patty went from calling it sperm and used the word semen. This word changed the nature of our conversation completely.

We were all old enough to know how we were made in that our mother's egg was fertilized by our dad's sperm and about having sex (intercourse). But the word semen really got our conversation to a whole new level. We knew that our dad's sperm got to the egg in this stuff called semen and knew that boys and men released it during intercourse when they had there orgasm. But, I and Patty had never seen this stuff or seen how it comes out. Needless to say, we were very curious girls when it comes to anything involving sex.

The subject semen completely took over our conversation. The word semen quickly turned our conversation on sperm from biology to a conversation on sex. As our conversation went on we all knew that only Allen made and had semen so he quickly became the center of our talk. I and Patty started hitting Allen up to show us his semen. As the conversation went on we also talked about seeing him ejaculate it. Allen was all red in the face and at first told us no way. Patty and I kept after him almost begging him. About this time Patty noticed that Allen was erect as we could see it in his pants and she told Allen 'I know you want to. Just look at how hard you are' pointing to his pants. Allen looked down at it and really got red in the face. We both went to telling him 'please' and then Patty reached down and put her hand on his penis rubbing it thru his pants.

This seem to do it. Allen the said to us 'OK. I'll do it'. We stepped back and Allen nervously started loosening his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles. We could see just how big his penis was in his briefs. Allen was so excited. Here he was showing his 'privates' to a girl for the first time and in this case it was to TWO girls. He then pulled down his briefs all the while looking at our eyes as we looked at it.

We had Allen sit down on the sofa and we sat on each side of him watching. I then asked Allen if I could touch it. This was my and Patty's first time seeing a live erect penis and we too were very excited. Allen told me yes. I and Patty both reached over and started touching it with our finger tips. When we did this Allen laid his head back and let out an ahhhhh sound. His penis was literally jumping with excitment. About this time Allen told us 'keep that up and you'll soon see my semen' referring to our rubbing on it. We girls then circled his penis with our thumbs and fore fingers and went to jacking him. It wasn't long at all and Allen let out a loud ahhhhh and started ejaculating. Squirt after squirt came out and landed on the carpet. At the end some ended up on the sofa. I and Patty thought it was so neat. At the end his semen ran down over our hands and we both started feeling it checking out its texture. We were so curious. We looked at each other and Patty said 'so this is what sperm looks like and where we all came from'. It was very exciting to us seeing this stuff.

Well, needless to say, after this Allen's and I relationship changed and giving each other hand jobs became a regular thing with us. Allen was always wanting to take it another step but I kept resisting this. He finally found a girl who would and this is where our relationship ended and she was a pure slut that a lot of boys lost there virginity to. Anyway, this was my and Patty's first experience with sperm and above all, semen.



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