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Talk about a Surprise!

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Took place many years ago late '61 or early '62. I remember these events like it were yesterday as it involved a lots of first for me.


These are true events that happened to me when I was 19 and in my first year at a local junior college. In high school, I didn't have much of a social life and didn't date much and never even dated a girl from my own school. Just never found any girl that sparked the right kind of interest to me.

When I got to the college compared to my high school it was like night and day. The girls there certainly DID share my interest. Luckly, I was a student who also helped down a near full time job working between 25 and 35 hours a week. This probably did a lot of damage as far as my school work went but it did put money in my pocket which is a must if one is to play the dating scene. I had a date almost every weekend eating out and taking in movies, etc. One of my dates was a very pretty little blond who sat next to me in one of my classes. She had short hair and was quite short standing around 5'1' or so. She had a great personality and we really hit it off with each other. I'd walk her to her car or sometimes we'd go to the snack bar after class and enjoy a coke together. I also started calling her by phone in the evenings. Our conversations were always just the usual boy/girl stuff. I finally asked her out and she accepted.

It was a Saturday evening. I went to pick her up, was let in by her mom and also met her dad when I went into her house. Soon, I and Sandy left for our evening out together. We went to a Italian restaurant and had a bite to eat. I had the entertainment section from the paper with me and we went over the movies to pick out which one to go to. Sandy ended up picking a drive in movie so away we went.

We got there and got parked and I set things up putting the speaker in the car. Sandy suggested that we move to the back seat as it would be more comfortable with me not having to lay over the steering wheel. I said fine with me so I moved the front seat forward and we got in the back seat together. We proceeded to settle in and I had my right arm on top the seat behind her. Soon the movie started. I looked over to Sandy and she all of a sudden leaned over and gave me a kiss. I was expecting possibly a little good night kiss when I took her home but never anything like this! Then, she pulled back a little, moved her right hand to the side of my head and went back to kissing again this time even more passionately. As everyone knows, kissing is foreplay and this was having an effect on me down in my pants. Next thing I know is she takes her hand from the side of my head and moves it down to my crotch. She gently wrapped it around my swelling cock thru my slacks. I instantly went from a semi erection to a full blown hard on. This was the first time a girl had ever touched me there. I also let out a grown when she touched me there.

Next thing she did was roll over a little more and laid her right leg on my lap. Girls back then wore these full dresses so needless to say I finally had the chance to do what I'd always dreamed of which was feeling a girls legs. I slid my left hand up her thigh and was met by some soft flesh that felt even better and softer that I had ever immagined. Next I moved my hand over the top of her thigh to her inner flesh and moved up taking in the feeling wanting to get the the 'y'. I got there and started rubbing her pussy area thru her panties. It was so warm and moist there. She again broke from her kissing and moved to my ear. She gave my cock a little rub and told me she wanted this. I was speehless for a few seconds not knowing what to say. Reality did finally hit me and as I was not prepared for this I asked her if she had any rubbers (what condoms were called back then). She said no. I told her you know things can happen. She knew exactly what I was referring to as we certainly both knew this is how babies are made. She then asked if she could just see and hold it. I of course said yes: please! She undid my slacks and I reached thru her leg opening of her panties to get to her pussy. She guided my fingers to show me where to rub and what to do there. Then she wrapped her hand around my cock and started rubbing it. Needless to say, this was more than I could take and within seconds I guess you could call it a cum explosion happened. I had never cum so hard or so much in my life as I did right then. Cum went everywhere. On the seat behind my head, on my shirt, her dress, our arms and her hand. As totally unprepared as I was for this I didn't have anything to wipe off with. I took off my cotton shirt and we used it to clean up with.

Later that evening we got into it again. This time she removed her panties and I lasted a little longer and brought her to a great orgasm. She was so hot and when she got there she was almost screaming with pleasure. I had to tell her shhhh as everybody around us could hear her.

I know this site is about masturbation but it can sure lead to other things as this night sure did. On the next weekend we retured to the same drive in only this night I came prepared with a three pack of rubbers in my pocket. Yes: I lost my virginity that night and (oh to be young again) I made deposits in all three of those resevoir tips that evening right there in the back seat of my car. May I add that I learned that pussy was even far better than in my wildest dreams of what it would be like and that I lasted around 20 seconds the first time I went into her. Sandy was very understanding and was in fact flattered that her body and its equipment could get this boy so aroused and excited that I could help myself from coming off so quick. It did take me awhile to finally get where I could last awhile.

Sandy and I finally did hit on some disagreements and went our seperate ways but I will never forget her or her body.



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