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Taking Time and a Bit of History

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Been a while since I've submitted something


Well it's been a while since I've submitted something, and the last item I did was masturbating outside with some gloves, but I never saw it up on the site, oh well, no matter.

Anyway, when I was earlier teen years I guess 14-15 when I found the benefits of actually masturbating with gloves, I actually took the time to enjoy myself as it was rather exciting, plus gloves were a new thing.

Well actually just a side note here for a moment, for some odd reason I've always wanted to have gloves on, rubber ones and play with my cock. The only reasoning I can put it down to was when I was four and had to have an operation on my testicles as one was undescended and what not, and well I guess the sensation of the doctor feeling my scrotum and what not I liked it, so I guess it stemmed from there. At one stage when I was like 5-6 I guess I remember putting on a pair of gloves, and going to the toilet, to actually go to the toilet, was somewhat dissapointed I guess by what I had hoped I guess, but anyway I never really did worry about it.

So fast forward to teen years, I used latex gloves at one stage for a while but I found rubber ones suited me better, sensation wise. Once I got to the stage I was ejaculating, I wasn't doing so till around 15 I guess 14-15 anyway, just before I came I would put my cock back into my pants and come in them, so as to not make a mess. and I still do that today, it's become a normal thing, well now I hold onto it so the come doesn't come out as such as I'm uncircumsised and after I put it back in my pants it comes out then. Minimises clean up.

I have always been thinking of an excuse to buy some rubber gloves of my own but all seemed too implausible. Well it wasn't until I was in a play with the local theatre group that gave me that chance, so when I did, I bought three different pairs, and well after the whole play thing was over (well I never really ended up using them anyway) I had my own gloves in my room, I hung them in a plastic bag from my door, my mum never really was suss about it as I had other stuff hanging from my door anyway.

I've also noticed in anime (japanese animation) that whenever someone has gloves on (usually girls) they are pretty much exactly the same as the hand but just a different colour when you really look at it, but there is one series I was watching recently about japanese cops, when they have drawn the gloves, they have actually drawn them as they would normally look and have the lines where say a fold in the cloth would be, similar to the clothes. Which then provoked me into searching pictures of Japanese Policewomen for inspiration *wink*

I've found a few here and there, but I've also come across some beautiful women in all sorts of gloves, I dont have many but they certainly help haha.

As I had started, I always took some time when I was younger, now I just do it to get it over and done with. Just the other week I grabbed two pairs of gloves and went to my room and spent about 20 minutes actually masturbating just playing with the gloves, I had a pair on and the other pair I was playing with, rubbing on my cock as well, it certainly felt great as it did when I first started.

What I would really love is to have a girl do that to me, whether or not I will find a girl who will do that is another thing, but I like to hope so one day.

One thing I have done is masturbate outside, while no one else was around of course, that was exciting and fun, I'd love to do it fully naked one day when I have the guts to. AT the moment I have 1 day a week where I have the house to myself, so I usually set that aside as my day for gloves.

All this talking about gloves and no action has gotten me ready to go so I will sign off here...

and happy gloving



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