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Taking It To Another Level

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A straight guys story of anal pleasure.


I've masturbated ever since I was 13, just normal stuff. Towards the end of high school is when I started to get interested in more exciting ways to do it. Being able to pleasure yourself with your prostate and anally came to my attention. I also had been a really big fan of anal sex with women, even though I've never done it. I loved watching it and began to wonder, if women can have so much fun with it, why can't men, and they even have a prostate to stimulate. So I did some research online in how to do it and read some stories. The hardest part was to get myself to finally do it, but I did. One day when I was home alone I went into the bathroom and sat down with a mirror in front of me to see what was all going on. I didn't have any condoms and I knew that I shouldnt use anything that big, so the first thing that I put up my ass was a pen with a plastic sandwich bag wrapped on it. Then I tryed a finger and a highlighter. That's all I really used for the first couple of times until I found some other stuff to use and was able to use bigger things and actually move then in and around. I bought a toothbrush holder and used that for awhile. I then went to local sex shop and bought a vibrator. It was simple, short, skinny, but was just right for me at the time.

When I got to college, my freshman roommate would go away for the weekends alot. This is when I really got into the whole experience of anal masturbation. I would get super excited when I knew he was leaving because I knew that I was going to be able to have the whole weekend to myself. I would sit at the computer and watch a whole bunch of porn videos that I would download and really get me turned on. Whiling sitting in my chair I would put my feet up on the desk so I would have good entry. I took the mirror in my room down and put it right in front of me so I could see everything. I love watching myself. I have to be able to watch myself. I would take my vibrator and very slowly put it in my ass at first. I would hit my prostate and move it a little faster while watching porn and rubbing my cock. After a while I would take off and pump my ass faster and stroke my cock until I came. I usually would shoot it onto my chest and belly.

This year I was able to get a single room, I am so thankful. I now have a collection of anal toys. These include plugs, beads, and dildos of different sizes, shapes, and materials. Whatever day of the week it is I can have fun. The first thing I do is trim up. I usually have my pubic hair cleaned up, but I make sure that it's shaven, then I also shave the hair around my asshole. Yeah I know that sounds gross thinking of hair there, but I'm a guy and we all have it so it's got to go. I then take my colt anal douche and make sure that I'm all clean inside and ready to go. Plus, water in and out feels awesome as well. I go to my room and lock myself in. I strip down to nothing and put on one of my women panties that I have found in the laundry. It might sound creepy, but I love to wear women g-strings and thongs, especially when masturbating. I then take a butt plug and stick it in. I love how you stick it in and it just stays there. I have a vibrating plug and I like to change the settings to keep me on edge. I sit down and watch porn and read stories for a while.

The thing I love watching now is pegging. That is when the women takes a strap-on and f**ks the man. I am absolutely turned on by this. Suprisingly this is getting a lot bigger and there is becoming much more of it online. I really really want to some day be f**ked by a chick. I can't wait till it will happen. I then take out the plug which has gotten my asshole ready for anything else. I sit down at the desk with the mirror again and take any of the dildos I own. Sometimes it's the stiff-ribbed one, or the short wavey one, or the long-skinny flexible one that can reach pretty far, or sometimes it's a good combination of these. I pump them in and out switching between going really fast and slow. I don't stroke it too hard now because if I did I would probably cum in about two seconds I'm so horny. After that I move the chair out of the way and put in a disc that I made that consist of nothing but chicks fucking guys with strap-ons.

At this point I'm pretty stretched out so I go to my big one. It's not that big compared to things I've seen online, but for me, it's big. It has a little ledge down by the handle part of it and it sits pefectly in this water bottle that I have. I put the water bottle with the dildo sticking up from it on the floor right in front of my computer and mirror. Still wearing the thong, I move it to the side and lower myself down onto the dildo. I can do this in many different positions; kneeling, squatting, leaning forward or backward while grabbing on to something, on a chair, etc. I imagine that it is a women underneath me and I'm going f**k her hard. I go all out and I do f**k it hard. I hump as fast and deep as I can go. I like to let my cock and balls out and they start flapping wherever while pre-cum starts to fly all over the place. I do this for a while and actually start to get tired and pretty sweaty. When I get into to a certain postion and f**king it really hard I can almost reach an orgasm without even touching my cock. I'm not there yet, and I dont know if I will be able to, but I think I'm close. I get to that point and let myself stroke it quicky, it doesn't take too long with what I've done already. I shoot wherever I feel like it. I've shot it on my body, in my face, in my hand, and I've also tried in my mouth to see what it was like but didn't care for it too much. After that I just lay there for awhile and catch my breath. Wow was that amazing.

I know that this isnt common and if most people found out what I did they would think I was weird and most likely gay, but I love doing it. And I am not gay, at all. I would say that I am 100% straight. I think that other guys should try pleasuring themselves anally. It's no big deal, it doesn't have to be messy, and it doesn't have to do anything with being gay. We are so open already with masturbation to each other. Women I think should also be open to this. Ask your boyfriend if he is interested in it or would be because he probably won't bring it up cause he is too scared like me. It doesn't have to be with toys or stap-ons, but something simple enough as a finger during a blowjob can really be extra exciting. Spread the word everybody and open up to something new.



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