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Taking It That Bit Further

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hey y'all
ok it was about 2am or something like that one friday night/saturday morning last august. it was the school holidays and i was sleeping around my best friends house. we were in his large bedroom. i was naked and so was he. we were having one of our frequent wanking sessions. i was perched on the side of his bed jacking away at my 6.5inch uncut erection while my friend, Tim, was laying on his back on the floor working his 6inch uncut dick. My eyes were locked on Tim jerking and Tim's eyes were locked on my show. Many months before this we had already established we loved to look at the other and it turned us both on a lot more knowing we were being watched.
I slowed my pace down and took slower strokes up and down my shaft and Tim was doing the same. Tim got even slower and after a few minutes he was simply playing with and massaging his penis instead of jackin it - we like to draw out the session as much as possible. Tim rolled his head (the 1 on top of his shoulders) back and stared at the ceiling and then closed his eyes. The expression on his face told me he was having a good time.
I continued to stare at Tim's cock with that large ball sack and dark pink coloured head and thoughts started entering my mind. These were not new thoughts. I was thinking of what it would be like to things with Tim that involved touching each other. I couldn't stop myself and my cock was throbbing more and more. I somehow hatched a plan in my mind...
I got off the bed as quitely as possible and moved over to Tim, who stil had his eyes closed. Slowly and carefully i stood over Tim and then got down so i was kneeling over him straddling his chest - being careful to avoid touching him or his busy right arm knocking in to me. Somehow i succeeded and he had not realised that my cock was only inches from his face. Then i coulnd't think what to do...and just knelt there for what seemed like an eternity. Then for some reason i just pulled my foreskin back and lent forward. Next i held my dick around the shaft and started to rub the head around Tim's chin. Initially Tim didnt react and then all of a sudden he opened his eyes and tilted his head up to look at me.
'Jord...what are you doing?' he asked
'I dunno....but do you like it?' i said in response
There was a silence
'Err yeah i do'
'So you want me to carry on?' i asked
It might seem strange but for the next few minutes i just continued to rub my cock around his face and he was also rubbing my arse with his free hand. He'd even gone back to closing his eyes and facing the ceiling. But i wanted to go further so i moved my head and placed it on Tim's closed lips. For what seemed like ages the head of my cock just sat on Tims closed mouth. Then my fantasy was about to come true as Tim opened his mouth and needing no more encouragement i slipped my head inside. However, Tim didn't do anything the end of my cock was in his mouth and he wasn't doing anything. So to encourage him i reached behind me with my right hand and found his cock and somehow started giving him a handjob. It did the trick and Tims tongue started to explore my head. It obviously liked what it found because for the next few minutes Tim sucked my cock like there was no tommorow. I had taken my right hand off of his cock and started to jack my own while it was still in his mouth and after a few minutes i shot my load down his throat.
'That was great' i said 'and now im going to repay the favour'
With that i moved down Tims body and knelt over his cock. I then wrapped my hand around that hard dick and started jacking it. Pretty soon after id restarted the handjob i put my mouth to the cock and took the head inside. It was better than i had imagined and i moved my mouth further down the cock so i could suck on as much as possible. After what seemed like only a few seconds Tim moaned softly and his tasty jizz filled my mouth. Obviously i swallowed it all down!
That wasn't the last of our action for that night and shortly after we made the decision to have sex. We both consider it the best decision we've ever made so hey just try these things.



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