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Taking Direction

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One evening while traveling out of town I went to the hotel bar at the end of the day. A middle-aged (50-ish) woman took a seat nearby and ordered a drink. I was about 35 at the time. We struck up a conversation. She was a reasonably attractive dark-haired woman with a very well preserved body. She took the initiative in this interaction and I was a little surprised at how sophisticated and intelligent she was given the circumstances. We hit it off and, after another drink and some good conversation, we went from the bar to my hotel room.

After some brief talk and TV watching we got on the bed and began kissing and fondling. Clothes came off along the way. We got to the place popularly known as third base. She had me in hand as I played with her nicely wet female place.

I was enjoying the sensation of our tangled tongues when she broke the kiss, looked at me and said, "are you a munchkin?"? Slightly taken aback, I repeated the question in the first person, "am I a munchkin"??

She then clarified the question. "Are you a pussy eater"??

I have had the experience of giving oral to a number of women. But, even in long term relationships, I had never received such a blunt inquiry--and haven't since.

Since she was being so direct, I was not going to be coy. I said, "yes, I am a pussy eater."?

I was still in her grip and she said, "I can tell, your dick is getting harder."? And it was.

She then said, "If we are going to do this, I should freshen up."?

I have had the experience of tasting perfumed pussy and it did nothing for me, so I said, "you don't have to do that, I prefer the natural taste and smell."? This caused her to break out into a wide smile and then offer an upbeat "OK."?

As I slipped down her warm, naked body I received the first of a series of instructions. She said to me, "don't lift me up."? I have never before dined at this wonderful place without raising my partner's thighs and bringing her to my mouth. I asked her if she was asking me not to put my arms under her thighs. She said, "yes, just lie between my legs."? As she said this she spread her legs, leaving open access to a hairy, wet, aroma rich pussy at the apex of the V.

I placed my hands on the tops of her legs and made my way to the holy of holies. I started my ministrations in what I thought was a likely spot which caused her to call out, in an authoritative voice, the single word, "higher."? I went higher and she said, "lower."? I went lower and she again said, "higher."? After I retraced my route about halfway up she said, "mmmm."?

After a couple of minutes of the above, I remembered the advice to vary the direction of the tongue. As I lashed at the chosen spot with some circles and twirls I received another, "mmmm."? After a very short time, a minute or two, she said to me, "if you keep doing that I'm going to cum."? Thus encouraged, I picked up the pace. In another minute she raised her hips from the bed. As I gamely tried to stay connected, she let out a long groan.

Very pleased with myself, I returned to our face-to-face position. As I attempted to kiss her, she drew back from me. I liked the taste of her pussy but apparently it had no appeal for her. She took my dick in her hand and said, "I'm too sensitive now, I'll jerk you off."? This struck me as a little unfair but I did not argue. I needed release. She turned on her side facing me and started stroking. The girl was not a handjob novice. I soon detected some impatience because, after a few minutes, she said, "c'mon, I want to see you cum."? I tried to concentrate on release to speed the process. Soon after another directive of, "shoot your cum"?, I did just that.

The rest of our acquaintanceship did not go so well. Neither one of us slept well in the hotel bed. In the morning she blamed me for her insomnia and when I attempted a round two she told me she was, "frankly not in the mood."? We said our muted goodbyes and went our separate ways. But I sure remember her well.

After the fact I have to say I liked getting explicit direction, even commands, from a woman who was frankly stating her sexual preferences. It was very erotic. To this day, years after the event, it is a frequent topic of my masturbation fantasies.



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