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Take Cover!

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I have only been able to come for the past six months. I have always used my own technique for masturbation. It's a slightly gentler technique, without using the whole hand. I have always been able to come from this technique, usually within fifteen minutes (My record is 6 minutes). The problem is, the semen would just dribble out of my penis and it would never be a very strong orgasm. Well, last night I came to this site after my Mom had gone to bed and starting reading experiences and techniques. I decided to try out the technique which involves a latex glove, a hand towel, and some lubrication. This was very, very nice especially after it got warmed up, but the thing kept falling apart so I wasn't able to reach orgasm. I put it together at least five times, but I just got sick of it falling apart so I resorted to 'traditional' style masturbation (one hand), only I didn't use my way. Since I had the lotion out for the little 'pocket pussy' thing that I was making, I just decided to lube up my penis and go at it. This was a big change from my gentler form of jacking off and I was quite enjoying it. I had an Oprah magazine in front of me (That's another story) and I had some mental images that I take from true life experiences, and then, umm...'Modify' them to my liking in my mind. So I started going at it and I could tell that I wasn't far from cumming so I kept flashing 'enjoyable' in my head, and taking peeks at the magazine. As my hand sped up, the images flashing in my head did also. I knew I was just about to come so I tore my mind from the mental images and opened my eyes. Only a couple seconds later did I cum, which was also a very big change from my past. I said, the cum usually dribbled over, but last night it was like a friggin' squirt gun! My head was to one side because I had been riggling around, and just after I open my eyes I see my penis squirt this jet of cum up into the air, and right at my face. Luckily I was wide awake from the session that I just had, so my reflexes were good enough to move out of the way as quickly as possible (because I didn't really want my own come in my hair and eyes and stuff. Or any dude's cum for that matter). Luckily my reflexes were sharp enough to swoop my head out of the way and I was left with great feeling of happiness and pleasure, and a big puddle of semen on my sheet (which I mopped up with the hand towel from the 'pocket Pussy').



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