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Table Rock (2)

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Rereading my recent telling of the happening at table rock I see much missing. Worried that the relating might be too long, tedious and boring I trimmed away meat and moral. to focus on erotic memories while ignoring impact on our lives. My description was like a tree in winter, stark bare limbs. It should have leaves, blossoms and maybe yield fruit. So...

We have since moved to 'the city'. Delores works in a seriously conservative office, dresses severely. No one could guess what lies beyond her mid-thigh skirt suit, modest blouse and well coifed red hair. Her persona carries over into most of our social life here. I, too, have a secure white collar position, so we appear the right-kind-of-people, far from our roots, but, happily, are not. Together we have found sanity in this circus.

The 'how' of our mutual masturbation isn't important. The benefits, the why, are important. Not long ago I asked Delores if she ever fantasied about our first time, the day we spied on Betty and Steve-the day at table rock. With a small smirk she replied, 'Not for a couple of days now. I remember.-Crystal clear. That was a fantastic thing, wasn't it?' She seemed to drift into nostalgia and memories for a few minutes, then added, 'Do you think about it too?'.

'Oh, yes.... I'll never forget how erotic you were, a girl I didn't know. I wonder what would have happened with us if we had gone somewhere else that day. Do you think we would be together today.' Delores shook her head No.

Back then our one-way petting under the lilac bush was, we agreed, getting tedious. Delores was sick of the predictability of petting-arousal-then to bed-then quiet masturbation as soon as alone in the dark. She was starting to blame me for it with a building dislike for me.

I knew none of this. For me the every-boys-dream of fondling a tit and feeling a little pussy was getting thin too. I was tired of having a lonely jack off in the bush every time, often with a violence and anger I didn't recognise.

What happen at the rock? Delores's memories are that Steve's erection was terribly exciting, the first real penis she had ever seen. Betty's bare ass added excitement to identify with Then actually seeing them screwing so close to us made her hurt inside she says, then remembers it as a restless itchy emptiness. Just had to rub herself-maybe only a little bit. Thinking 'If you didn't like it-too bad'. still a little afraid it would disgust me, but hoping not, she put her hand down her pants.

Her memories continued. The expression on my face, my pants dropping, immediately and joining in she took as accepting her. A huge relief. Something inside her 'cracked open'. 'Like coming out of a dim place into sunlight', she asid. As soon Batty and Steve left she needed to share just everything.

'I wanted to share my secret of what I did and hid, who I really was, how hot I got. Not some little goodie-two-shoes pure Lutheran girl quietly submitting to groping in the dark.' she said. 'I was a sexual being. I figured what-the-heck, if I was too nasty, if you left me, at least I tried.' Delores nodded for a minute. then added, 'What do you still remember now ?'

'Watching Betty get screwed gave me a big hard on. I wanted to get in her too if I had to fight to do it. Then I saw you looking at me-sweet intimate sexy smile-your hand moving in your pants. I sort of forgot Betty-I knew that you were what I really wanted, and was all that mattered. I wanted to show you my dick, wave at you. Maybe go to take a leak and accidentally leave it out. Then I was afraid you might be comparing sizes, so I didn't.... I lusted after you so fiercely! It hurt'

Delores jumped in, 'That's dumb' she continued, elaborating, 'I was ready for I don't know what. I felt safe with you. When they finally left, didn't know what made me do it, but I wanted you to see all the way up into me. I wanted you in there. You could have screwed me then, all day all night.' Silent for moments she added, 'I'm glad we didn't, glad it was the way it was, You know that was the first time I saw your cock. This little girl was shocked at how far it could shoot.' Another silence, 'Think you can still shoot that far?' she teased.

'Maybe. You call Betty and Steve. I'll get a tape measure.' Delores stuck her tongue out. The conversation ended.

Truly that door opening changed our lives. We became intimate friends afterwards, sharing and meeting a 'forbidden' need. Turned out that good girls really do things like that. The old lilac bush saw more action. So did other places, sometimes in her room when the house was empty. We went hunting often. Wintertime in a hay mow was tougher. But we were together in the same boat, we both had focused fantasies of the other We got by.

Asked why she liked mutual masturbation, 'Great for getting rid of tension. It feels wonderful. It's satisfying, I'm safe with you-secure. It's sexy. Four big Ss. Add one more-Slutty, I feel slutty. Every woman wants to feel like a slut without being one. The way you look at me when we do it does that for me.'

Satisfaction from our mutual masturbation helped Delores come down the church isle 5 years later still a virgin. Our shared intimacy glued us together when college caused months of separation. I don't think either of us ever lusted after another person. No reason to, Phone sex in those days was impossible. Party lines, you know. Letters addressed in her hand gave me instant erections. She said my letters made her so moist she could hardly wait till bed time, her time alone. We should have saved those letters when we moved. Jeez they were hot.

M M may lot be right for every couple, but be amazed what you can learn about your partner, the zen-like build up then the huge release. Then eachother's arms, drifting, knowing we also may make intimate love, realy love. Life doesn't get better.



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