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Table Knife Diddling

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Table Knife Diddling
Well, what can I say?!? I love masturbating! It's one of my favorite passtimes and I often think of those who have not discovered masturbation and I pity them. They sure are missing out!
Anyway, I remember when I was about 5 or 6, I discovered that if I laid on my stomach with my hand on my pussy and humped it I could feel a wonderful sensation. I don't think I ever reached orgasm this way though. After a few monthes of doing this, a family member walked in on me and I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I stopped masturbating altogether. Then when I was about 10, I started up again deciding that I would do it in total privacy. I usually just rode my hand as I did not no any other way. I did this for about 2 years until I found out that I could lay on my back and pleasure my self with my fingers. This way, I could do it when others were home and I wouldn't be so noisy and obvious. I did it every night before I went to bed and it relaxed me so much that I could just fall asleep after.
I had to start sharing a room however so I couldn't releive my urges before bed anymore. Not being able to do it before bed, made me so horny through out the day. I had to pleasure myself daily and still do. The first time I ever thought about inserting an object into myself was just a few months ago. I was scared at first and just used my finger but it was too short and it grew tired so I never reached orgasm.
Then I tried a pencil being too scared to try anything else. Now I use a knife handle and it's the biggest thing I've stuck in me. I'm such a wuss....sometimes I have to stop before actually reaching orgasm because the feeling is too intense for me to handle. I've tried the bath faucet but it is really hard to postition my pussy under it so I usually don't do that. Being only 14, I can't purchase a dildo or vibrator but I plan too change that the second I move out.
I have never had a boyfriend in my life...sad, huh? So before I masturbate, I have a fantasy of this really hot guy in my class. He asks me to the movies and I'm amazed he even wants to go out with me. I feel my pussy throbbing just thinking of him. Anyway, we're at the movie and the actors kiss and we start doing the same. I reach down and grab his dick and it's hard and erect. We decide to ditch the movie and go to his house where no one is home. We start making out wildly.....uh...by now, my pussy wants it so bad even though I haven't touched it.....He asks if he can watch me masturbate so I tell him to fetch a knife with a good round handle. He looks puzzled but gets it. In real life, I get up and fetch the knife. I fantasize about him watching me pleasure myself and I slowly start rubbing my clit. Faster and faster while thinking of him....I feel myself reaching orgasm but stop and feel my pussy throb wanting it. I make it wait. I start rubbing again slowly than gradually faster and just barely inserting my middle finger up my vagina. I do this until and can't take it anymore that ram the knife handle up while stimulating my clit until I explode with most pleasurable orgasm! You should try it.



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