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Swiss Ski Slope

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I was eighteen one winter when I traveled to visit my brother who was living in Switzerland. He had been teaching skiing for several years there and I was anxious to make my first trip to Europe from the States.

We were staying in lodging that was about a ten minute tram ride out of the main town. I was returning to our room after dinner one evening. I got on the small tram car by myself but shortly before we left, a woman stepped on the tram carrying skis and poles and proceeded to place them in the corner. She was well dressed in expensive ski clothing and a fur cap, and was probably around 40 years old. I could tell she was fairly attractive but not what I would consider an outstanding beauty. She had a warm demeanor as she gave a smile and a nod after settling her gear.

She immediately spoke up in German but realized by my face that I was unable to understand much. She easily switched to English that was nearly perfect with only a trace of a German accent. We exchanged a few niceties about the snow conditions and the skiing. As we talked she moved a little closer so as to be more engaging. She asked who I was staying with and seemed to want to know everything about me in the span of a ten minute tram ride. By the end of the ride she was right up next to me and I could sense the smell of sweet liquor on her breath. Just as we pulled into the terminal she moved close and placed her cool wet lips to mine. It was a soft and passionate kiss that invited another. I was so off guard at this point that I just kind of stood there shocked. She laughed a little and pulled away to gather her skis. As we got off the tram she looked over her shoulder as if to say follow me for more.

As we were exiting the building she took a quick turn and headed down a dark stairway. At the bottom was a small, dark landing in front of a metal door. She stepped into the darkest corner and pulled me to her. I could feel my hardness grow instantly. As we moved closely together to kiss, her hand went straight down into my pants and wrapped solidly around my shaft. It felt old and shocking at first but it didn't bother me a bit. As we stood there, she twisted her body toward my right side eager for me to grope my way inside her cloths. I was able to loosen her ski pants and work my hand into her mound. It was warm and bushy. I remember struggling a little to get through the thick nest and into her wetness. She jumped a little as I passed over her clit and into her dripping hole with my finger. She instantly came to life as we stroked each other and kissed passionately for less than one minute.

I could sense my ability to hold back from cumming was diminishing. I was so embarrassed to blow my wad so quickly but there was no way to stop. She felt my prick getting hard as a rock so she grabbed it tightly as I spewed all over her hand. This moved her into high gear as I circled her clit with my index and middle finger. Within 15 seconds she let loose her body and I could feel her weight push into me. She tensed for a 10 second climax with a little shaking and stiff jolts. We had both cum standing there in a cold dark corner of a ski lift terminal. I was totally turned on. She lifted her wet hand from my crotch and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe it off. She gave me a small kiss and pulled away to gather her skis.

As we reached the top of the stairs, she quietly said good night in German and proceeded on her way. I was so stunned by the whole experience that I couldn't find any words to say in reply.

The next day I saw her briefly saw her waiting in line with distinguished man in his late forties. I don't think she saw me but I had wished we had exchanges a glance one more time.



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