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Swingers Club in New Orleans

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I was just going to check out the scene, but I ended up cumming.


I was on vacation in New Orleans a few weeks ago with my husband. I have always been curious about swingers clubs and I had researched and found one in New Orleans. I would never go to one where I live because of the risk that I might know someone, but I was not afraid to go to one in a strange city.

I had been talking it up to my husband for weeks, but he did not seem as interested as me. When we got to town the first thing we did was go to Bourbon St. and have several drinks. He ended up passing out by seven pm the first night we were there. I was bored and horny out of my gourd, so I decided to check it out by myself.

I had walked past the club from the outside and you could not tell what it was at all. I was pretty nervous, but I was willing to take a chance. I had no intention of having sex with anyone in the club. I just wanted to get all hot and bothered and then take care of myself with my jack rabbit vibrator, which I had brought with me in my purse. I wasn't sure if I would do it there or just go back to the hotel and masturbate later.

When I got in the club, being a single female I was approached by a few interested people, including some couples and some single men. I must admit I was feeling hot that night. I had on a black miniskirt with a zipper that went all the way up the side and a red sleeveless silky tank shirt. I had just shaved everything down there too.

A guy named Gus approached me. He was tall, young, about 25, with a shaved head and goatee. He suggested that we go to the 'theatre room' to talk. This room had a 10 feet by 10 feet TV screen on the wall, with huge curved black leather couches in three rows. There was porn showing non-stop and electronic dance music with a thumping bass line. We started to talk about our best sexual experiences.

He put his hand under my skirt and felt my panties. They were totally wet and he began to finger me as I talked more about things I had done sexually. I think this young man had a special gift, which I call magic hands. The way he was working my pussy with his fingers and moving his whole hand around was just pure pleasure. He said he had been told he was good at hitting the g-spot. I have been married 11 years and apparently my g-spot has not been hit in a while, because I was on fire with desire.

He asked if we could go somewhere private and I said yes. Down a hallway was a row of four doorways with sheer curtains hanging down. You could go through the curtains and there were four king size beds in a row each separated by a sheer curtain. It was very dark too. I could tell there was a couple on a bed two beds away, but I was so ready I didn't care who saw me. I pulled out my vibrator from my purse and showed it to Gus. He said he had never used a vibrator on a woman before. I told him he should learn right now.

We took off our clothes and I laid down on my back while Gus was on his knees near my head. He pushed the vibrator in me and I just shuddered with delight. It wasn't even on yet, but the pleasure of this young man moving it back and forth in my pussy was glorious. I was working him with my right hand. I turned on the vibrator and of course the couple two beds down heard it and said something like, 'Go ahead girl!' I had to show him how to put the clit stimulator right on my clit. I taught him to let it grind against me more than moving in and out once the vibrator was on. Honestly, I barely remember jacking him off I was so intensely enjoying my masturbation. I do remember begging him to cum all over my tits, which he did.

It was pretty incredible, but awfully quick. I wasn't ready to be done but we put our clothes back on and went back to the porno room. By this time several other couples were making out in there. We just watched them and the porn for a while. The next thing you knew those magic hands were fingering me again. I guess I was even riper after the first orgasm, because it was really getting me going. We were in the front row kissing and fondling each other when I just took over. I sat on his lap facing him with my skirt riding up around my waist. I had taken off my shirt too, but I had a black lace bustier on under it. I was letting him finger me from behind while he kissed my tits.

The porno was being projected onto the screen behind me and I was blocking it. It was being projected on my face and tits as I was writhing all over Gus as he was working my clit and my g-spot like no one had ever done in my life. I have probably been with over 100 men, so I have not lead a sheltered sexual life, but this guy was incredible. My pussy was putty in his hands. I did not realize it, but all these swinger couples were watching Gus and in this theatre room.

I guess it looked like we may have been having sex by the position and the way I was moving against his hands, but I was having the best masturbation session and perhaps the best sex of my life. I kind of got into the fact that I was turning on all these people and I would never see them again. They were all moaning along with me and touching each other. I just busted with orgasmic pleasure, as it was like a masturbation orgy. I'm not sure Gus knew what hit him, but I came like a woman who had not had an orgasm in ten years.

I had to get back to my hotel before my husband realized I was gone. I had told him I was going to the casino. Gus walked me to the block of my hotel. I just took his right hand and held it, telling him he had something electric and magic in that hand, so he needed to make sure that he used it. Then I took a long hard look at his face so I could burn it in my memory. I told him I would need to remember for my masturbation fantasies when I got home. So far I have masturbated at least once a day some times two or three since I was with Gus. Just thinking about that porno projected on my body while all those people were watching me and getting electrified by those hands gets me to cum in 30 seconds.



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