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Swimming With My Brother

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I found this site awhile back and I love reading the stories. After reading many shared between brothers, I thought I should share my own. My brother and I have always been very close. He is a year younger than me. We were best friends and always hung together. About 10 years ago we had our first sexual experiences, and it was with each other. I was unsure about it at first, but learned it only made us that much closer, and I have come to find out sexual experimenting between siblings is quite common. Our parents never found out about our 'fun time' which is what we referred to it as. Our fun times lasted all through our teen years off and on, and still go on today, although I must say it has been quite awhile. He is married now and sad to say our fun time days might be over. Nothing was, and may never be, as electric and as amazing as the very first time we ever played together. Our first time being sexual with each other occured at home in our bath tub, and it is the story I am going to share with you now.

It was a hot summer day about 10 years ago. I was 15 and my brother was 14 like I said. We had a pool in our back yard. We were home alone on this day and decided to go for a swim, as we had done many times before. I went to my room and got undressed. I was into my puberty days, and my penis was noticeably bigger to me. I was still a virgin at the time, and had never done anything sexual with another person. I was masturbating though, at least once daily like most 15 year old boys. I put on my swimming trunks and went down stairs. I found my brother was also ready in his swimming trunks as well. He was a little shorter than me at the time, and was in his early days of puberty I believe. I was 5'5' and rather slim, with brown hair and eyes. He was 5'3' and blonde hair and brown eyes, just to give you an image. He was mostly slim like me maybe a few pounds heavier. We walked outside into the hot summer sun.

We walked to the pool and got in. We swam for an hour or so, just playing around and talking, nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't until he swam behind me and wrapped his arms and legs around me that I got my first sexual inclining towards him. He was trying to water wrestle me and pull me under, but thanks to my raging hormones all I could concentrate on was his wet slippery skin rubbing against mine. I was a virgin as I said and never had body to body contact before. I liked it and wrestled back, nonchalantly trying to sneak feels of his chest and back. Let me clarify I was not having sexual thoughts about him, I was more in my head imagining he was a girl. Needless to say it didn't take much water wrestling before I felt my dick start rising a little. Out fear I backed off and pretended to cough. I didn't wanna get an erection and have him find out. I cooled off and we just talked a while before decided to head in. We got out and dried off before going back in the house.

When we got in we had to rinse off the chlorine, and decided we wanted to use our parents tub since it had water jets. We went into their bathroom and I started the shower. 'Why do you start the shower' he asked. I said we should probably rinse off before filling the tub. I got in with my suit still on. Playfully my brother followed in. I laughed and asked what he was doing. He just shrugged and we both stood in the shower together. He was just being stupid at the time and messing around. I told him to get out and he said no, again still messing around. I said I had to take my suit off and he told me to go ahead. I laughed and asked if he wanted to see my stuff. It was that joke that started a conversation between us about our dicks. He asked if I started getting hair down there and I said I did. He wasn't sure if it was normal or not. 'Didn't you learn about that in sex ed?' I asked. He said he did but wanted to make sure. Our conversation led to talking about each others penis sizes and even masturbation. I learned that he too masturbated a lot, it wasn't just me.

He asked if mine had grown much, and I said I thought it had. He asked how big mine was last year, and said he thought his was growing a lot. I jokingly said I would have to see it, and when he replied he would my mood changed. For the first time in my life I got a feeling that I might just be about to have my first sexual encounter with someone other than myself. Now I knew this was my brother, and 98% of my brain knew nothing would happen, but I had that other 2% that thought just maybe, and I instantly had a feeling of excitement. I asked if he really wanted to show each other, and said I would if he would. 'I guess so' he said, and with that I started shaking. 'Who goes first' he asked. 'Wanna go at the same time?' I asked. He agreed and we both brought our hands to our waists. I was trembling with nerves and excitement. I never thought something like this would happen. Not only was I about to see someone else naked, I was about to expose myself to someone for the first time. It was an amazing and intimate feeling.

I knew this was my brother, but up too this point it still was not sexual. We were just too brothers having a little fun and learning with each other. We took deep breathes and I watch him start to pull off his trunks. Without hesitating I did the same and next thing I knew I was naked. The feeling of exposing yourself to someone was a crazy feeling, a feeling of oh my god is this really happening. I couldn't get the nerve to take a good look at my brother at first. All I could do was sneak little glances as if he didn't know I could see him. Seeing another boys penis was yet another crazy feeling. His penis looked a lot like mine actually, only a little thinner and not as much hair. Funny the scariness seemed to end when our trunks had come off. I no longer felt nervous and I don't think he did. But little did I know this harmless fun was about to get sexual.

I finally took a good look at my naked brother. I eyed his dick it looked like it had grown a little. I soon regretted the decision to look at him cause as soon as my brain processed that I was seeing a naked person, it brought on an erection and there was no stopping it. All I could do was play dumb, but I knew it was useless. My brothers eyes were locked on my hard dick that stared right at him. Sorry was all I could say. He said it was ok and his did that too. I was surprised how cool he was being, and how smooth and un awkward we both felt. Sure I felt awkward at first, I thought for sure he would get weirded out when I got hard, but he didn't and we both felt as comfortable as could be from that point on. In fact you could say we got too comfortable because it just went farther from there.

He asked if I was horny and I said I was a little. I knew if things hadn't gotten awkward yet, that they weren't going too. I think he felt the same, and I think we both knew at that point that we wanted to mess around. I asked if he wanted to try jerking off together, and said it might be fun. He laughed and said why not, after all we had gone this far. We sat down in the tub with the shower still running, me on one end and him on the on the other. It was roomy but not real roomy. We sat on our butts with our feet at each others sides, I saw his dick was growing now too, and soon we both sat facing each other with full erections. I was so turned on at this point words can't describe it. Imagine the feeling you get from the very first time, yet feeling 100% comfortable because you're so close with the other person, it's a hard feeling to find. This was awesome and I never wanted it to end. I didn't know how far things would go. Who thought my brother and I would have fun like this together, I certainly never thought he would approve. I started showing him how I jerked off and he showed me. We slowly jerked ourselves and watched each other. I decided in my head I wanted to go further, but I didn't know if he did.

I slid a little closer towards him, and soon we were close enough our legs were touching. I decided it was now er never and I placed my other hand on his balls. They felt big and kinda smooth. He looked confused at first. I raised my eye brows as if to ask what now. He reached and did the same to mine, and from that point not another word was said. He moved his hand up and on to my dick. The feeling was incredible. I did the same and felt up and down his hard shaft. It felt firm and slippery, I could tell it was precum. I didn't know what was happening anymore, but I knew I couldn't stop myself. I jerked him and he jerked me. It didn't take more than a minute or two before I knew I was about to lose it. I looked up and I think he could tell. We both watched as my cum came spurted out down his hand. He laughed excitedly and said 'whoa'. I kept jerking him, anxious to see him cum too. All I could do was jerk him and watch, and sure enough a minute later I knew it was coming. He arched his back and I my eyes were glued as shots of cum flew from his head. One shot even hit my stomach. It felt really hot and thick. 'Wow nice' I said. We sat back to catch our breaths and come to reality with what just happened.

I wasn't sure if things would get weird at first, but surprisingly again they did not. We only got closer, and were both cool with it. We decided to keep it our secret, and we showred and dressed, which was kinda dumb cause not even an hour later we were at it again. We masturbated each other four times that day, and fun time is what it came to be known. I don't feel ashamed as much as fortunate that I had my brother to share experiences of growing up such as these. I hope you enjoyed my story, and I look forward to reading yours.



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