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Swimming With an Erection

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Ever since I purchased my house with the pool in the yard, I've wanted to do what I've wanted to do for so, so long-to go skinny-dipping. The thought of not having a swimsuit to encumber me has been a constant source of interest; it was the primary reason why I wanted a house with a pool. At each house I'd look at, I'd walk around the pool, looking at the houses around it to see what kind of view the neighbors would have of the pool area. At the house I bought, my neighbors could come up and stand right beside the fence and see through to my pool, but there's no clear view from any direction. Even so, I haven't yet had the nerve to try skinny-dipping during the day; I've restricted it to a nocturnal activity. (Maybe if I can get some foliage to cover my fence, I'd do it, but then I suppose I'd spend all day every day I had a chance out in my pool with no clothes on. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you...)

The other night I decided that I'd had enough of wearing my swimsuit out to the pool, silently getting in the water, then slipping my suit off and swimming around naked. I disrobed inside my house, grabbed a towel, and headed outside as it was near dusk. I was taking a chance because there was still a lot of ambient light outside, but I wanted desperately to get out there in my pool and to swim naked.

One of the neat features I've noticed about skinny-dipping is the way my cock almost always points to the surface when I'm standing in the water, even absent an erection. That night, though, as I walked outside, the excitement of being out there without any clothing at all had the blood already starting to collect in my cock, causing it to start its journey upward. (Just like it is right now, as I think about my experience!) As soon as I got in the pool, my erection faded as I sunk into the cool water. I swam around, feeling that incredible rush of sensations that swimming nude provides... excitement, arousal, even a little anxiety at the thought of a neighbor seeing me.

The more I swam, the more the excitement and arousal increased and the anxiety decreased. Soon, I was afraid to swim too close to the bottom, because my cock was almost at the point of dragging the bottom like a rudder if I got too close! Of course, there's only one thing to do in a situation like that, so I did what came naturally. I moved to a part of the pool where I could stand upright but without being too obvious and started stroking my cock--slowly at first, then speeding up, then slowing back down, stopping, starting--bringing myself right to the edge and then backing off. In spite of the fact that I can be a marathon masturbator (my session Friday night was more than 3 hours!), I couldn't take more than about 5 minutes before the familiar throbbing and pulsing started. I looked down and in the twilight I could see my cock spewing gobs of cum into the pool, one after the other after the other. I stood there for a moment as they began drifting around me in the water, fascinated by the changing shape of each as it moved around. Within another minute, my erection had faded and I moved toward the side where my blanket lay and quietly got out of the pool, wrapping the towel around my shoulders, leaving my cock and balls exposed for the world to see. I got up and went into my house.

I'm going to do this again, soon.



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