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Swimming Summer

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I swim for a summer league. Its good fun and the team practices twice a day. Once in the early morning and one in the late afternoon.

We had finished a very long practice about 7000 yards when I dragged myself to the locker room. My friend Taylor and I were talking about how bad our shoulders hurt when two other guys I know, Chris and Ax, walked over to their lockers. Right next to ours.

Usually me and Taylor leave our stuff on the opposite side because Chris and Ax are much more developed and though really nice, a couple of wise asses.

Whatever. I thought as I took off my suit and walked over to the showers Taylor followed me. I turned up the water and the room filled with steam. I could barely see through it but sure enough Chris and Ax were on the other side watching us.

I'm uncut Taylor is cut but never comments about it unlike many of my other friends. Were both about four inches erect (we did jack off once together) they were at least six and a half inches long. And they were both starting to stroke their big cocks! They smiled and walked into the lockers waving for us to follow them. I looked at Taylor who was semi erect and he nodded in approval.

We went into the locker room and saw them sitting on the bench we sat between them. It was so early that no one else would be at the pool for two hours.

'Hey Ax he's not cut just like Dan!' Chris said talking about their older brother.

'Hey its cool man we won't tell' Ax said seeing my face turn red.

'Do you two want to jack off with us?' He asked bluntly.

I looked at Taylor who looked at me. Out throbbing boners told the story. So we sat on the bench in between them. I was scared and so was Taylor because we're not gay but these guys were so cool and they weren't gay either so why not. So Ax took my penis and started to rub it up and down slowly. Chris then began to do the same to Taylor only Taylor began to stroke him back. I followed his lead and was pumping away at Ax's big cock. I pulled my foreskin back.

'Why you doing that?' asked Ax.

'That way it takes longer for me to cum, but I'm going to need some lube.'

He tossed me some shampoo which he lathered over my balls and penis; I did the same on his big shaft. Chris and Taylor had hand cream so they're hands were moving faster. Me and Ax took some of that instead and were rubbing each other faster and faster. He started to groan and I rubbed faster. 'I'm going to cum!' he yelled as he had his orgasm and ejaculated on my hand and his chest. He then took his cum and rubbed it on my cock. It felt amazing. With every stroke I got closer and closer until I felt the orgasm and yelped 'Oh God I'm gonna cum!' And ejaculated on my chest and on his hand. Taylor had the biggest smile on his face as he played with Chris's cock and balls. He yelped like me then kept Chris going until he got a surprise. Chris came all over Taylor's stomach.

'What did you do that for?' Taylor laughed rubbing some onto his cock.

'Don't worry I'm gonna do it to Tom next!' he said. I was really excited and just stood in front of him with a smile. We went into the shower and Chris and Ax started masturbating again. This time me and Taylor lay on the floor and touched each other as we watched the two build to orgasm and then shoot their load in our hair and on our stomachs.

We then showered down and got dressed. I took one last look at them as they dried off their huge penises. They told us to keep it a secret and that the older guys had done that to them when they were about our age and knew how much fun it was. It was very exciting and we do this after practice all the time.

Its okay and it's not gay since we all like girls and Ax and Chris both have girlfriends. But we have fun and that's what really matters!



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