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Swimming Sperm

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This happened a few years ago.

My best friend Matt came around so we could just hang out as we often did. We usually just played on the xbox but sometimes we played baseball (as much as two people can). That day though we were pretty bored so we decided to just go for a walk in the woods that are behind my house. We packed a backpack with food for lunch and headed out. We walked down the track for what must have been around three hours until we came to a small calm river. Now, being summer and walking for three hours we were bloody hot and sweaty.

'Mmm, that looks so refreshing', said Matt pointing to the water.

'Yeah, but we didn't bring any swimming trunks', I replied.

On saying this Matt took off his shirt revealing his flat stomach. You could tell he was a very sporty person.

'We could just swim naked, no ones around and then once we've had a quick dip we can just dry in the sun as we eat lunch', he said as he took a hold of the wasteband of his shorts and looking at me, waiting for my reply.

Upon hearing the fact that I may get to see Matt naked I started get a boner.

'Ok, that could work', I replied.

I took off the backpack and then took off my shirt and threw it on the ground on Matts shirt. Matt then proceeded to slide his shorts down revealing boxers. I could see an outline of his package in his boxers and I could tell he was bigger than me already. I then slowly slid off my shorts hoping that Matt wouldn't notice the now growing bulge in my boxers. Then Matt slid off and stepped out of his boxers and I saw my best friends cock for the first time. While he was only a year older then me his cock was larger then mine, maybe 6.5-7' and he had a nice patch of pubic hair.

I grew instantly rock hard.

'Wow dude!' Matt said in surprise as he saw my cock pitch a tent in my boxers.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' I quickly said as I grabbed my shorts and put started putting them back on in hope to cover my bulge.

Matt came over to me and put his hand on my hand stopping me pulling my shorts up.

'Don't worry dude, it happens to me too, it's no big deal.' He said.

Then Matt started to rub his cock and I watched in shock as his huge cock slowly started to get fully rock hard until it was tilted slightly upwards.

'See, now we both have boners.' Matt said, smiling at me.

He gave my boxers a bit of a tug down.

'Come on, let's swim, it's so hot' He said.

I took off my shorts then I took off my boxers, revealing my 5' cock with my small light bush of pubic hair.

'nice cock' Matt said.

'thanks, yours is bigger though, and you have more hair then me.' I replied.

'thats only because I'm older.' Matt said as we walked over and jumped into the river. It was pretty warm and nice and refreshing. We played around for a while, splashing eachother, dunking eachother that sort of thing, all the while our young cocks still rock hard.

Then one time, Matt jumped at and grabbed me and pushed me back into the water. I could feal his cock preshing against mine. When we came up from under the water Matt was standing right infront of me, preshed against me. We made eye cocntact and were just staring eachother in the eyes. Then Matt moved his hand over to and touched my thigh. It felt good having someone touch me there. Matt then started sliding his hand up my thigh then between my legs. He then started to slowly rub my balls. I just stood there, frozen in a mixture of shock and good fealings of someone else touching me there. he moved his hand around to rub my small amount of pubic hair, then I gasped as I felt his hand grip my solid rock hard cock.

He started to slowly jerk my cock up and down, pulling the foreskin down then up. It felt incredible. I've masturbated by myself in bed before, but having someone else do it for me was amazing

After a couple minutes I felt my balls tighten as I got close to climaxing.

'mmm, I'm gonna cum' I gasped out.

We both looked down as I reached the best orgasum of my life. We saw as I shot stream after stream of cum into the river.

I collapsed into Matts arms as I breathed heavily from the wonderful orgasm I just had.

'wow dude, how was it?' Matt asked.

'AMAZING, best orgasum I've ever had' I said to him.

'I'm glad' He said smiling at me.

After a little bit I let go of him and took a step back. We laughed as we watched my cum slowly go down stream. We got out of teh river and lay down on the bank. We were both still hard as a rock, but my cock was covered in cum.

'what's it lke to have someone else touch your cock?' he asked.

I rolled over onto my side facing him. I put my hand on his chest and slowly slid it down, playing with his nipples, and belly button. I played with his large bush of hair and slowly rubbed his balls like he did for me.

Then just like me, he gasped as I took a hold of his cock in my hand. It was quite a challenge but I started to stroke him up and down like he did to me. After about 10 minutes I could feal his balls tense up and he started to arch his back upwards.

'ooooo dude, I'm gonna blow my load' He moaned.

I kept stroking until cum started to shoot everywhere out of his cock. Stream after stream after stream of cum shoot out and landed everywhere. One landed on his check, on his chest. One landed on arm, and on my chest. Then it dripped down his cock and into his pubic hair.

He just collapsed and like me was breathing heavily.

After a couple minutes he managed to sit up and wipe the cum off his cheek and off my chest.

'WOW, that was way better compared to when I do it myself' He said smiling at me.

I smiled back.

After that we had lunch then got dressed and made our way back to my place.



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