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Swimming Pool Showers

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true story of my first time


Me and my girlfriend were hanging out with her brother Robbie. She suggested we go swimming at the rec center, me and Robbie both agreed.

We get there and me and Robbie go into the changing room, change into our swim trunks and head for the showers.

When we get into the showers I noticed he had a really nice body. He had short blond hair,was about 5'8 and had a very solid abdomen, not a six pack or anything, but he looked good. Me on the other hand, I was 6'0, had brown hair, and skinny.

When we got into the showers I actually told him that he looked really fit. He told me that he worked out when he could.

While we were lathering up we noticed the guy behind us was naked. As he left we both looked at each other, I said, 'Man I can't believe that some people get naked in here'. He said, 'I would get naked if you do'. I was caught off guard, and the thought of seeing him naked was actually getting me hard. So I told him sure.

I quickly took mine off. But he, slowly took off his trunks, he turned around and smiled at me. I noticed that he had a hard on, and that only made me harder.

He started walking closer to me and said, 'You have a nice cock'. I was flattered that he thought my 7 inch uncircumcised cock was nice, and hearing his comment I looked at his. It was 6 inches, circumcised. I decided to return the favor so I told him his cock was nice too.

He reached out and ran his hand down my side. When he got near my cock he stopped. 'Can I?' he asked. Looking right into me eyes. I had never been more turned on in my life and I could barely muster a nod. He grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it, after only about 7 pumps, I felt it coming, I told him I was going to cum, he started pumping faster and I exploded all over his hand, and some shot onto his thigh.

I was still recovering when I noticed Robbie was stroking his cock. I asked him if he wanted me to return the favor. He said yes and stopped stroking. I had never felt someone elses cock but I reached out and grabbed it. I started stroking it. Slow at first but then faster. Robbie started moaning really loud, saying 'ahh fuck yeah beat me off!'. I was afraid someone would hear but at this point I didn't really care. Robbie started moaning louder and louder until he yelled, 'fuck I'm gonna blow'. He wasn't kidding. He shot EVERYWHERE. On my hand, all over my stomach, on my cock,thighs, I had never seen that much cum.

Robbie almost collapsed after the big show. Me and him both cleaned up, put on our trunks, and went swimming.



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