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Swimming Pool Fun

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Chatting on here recently made me think of this


I used to love swimming when I was younger as, one it was good exercise and two a great opportunity to see near naked women. My girlfriend at the time also liked swimming. Sharon was a couple of years older than me and had just separated from her husband of only a few years. She was a lot more experienced than me and wasn't my normal type. Slim with small pert boobs and a cute tiny ass, whereas my normal preference was the curvy voluptuous type. Sharon was normally very shy at work where I met her and generally in public. However, this was very different when we were alone together.

We drove to the swimming pool about 15 minutes away and we chatted as normal. We were both very tactile people and we were touching each others legs and giggling about things on the way there. It was summer so we both had bare legs (and the heating on in the car as it is England). We parked up and walked in to the building holding hands, still giggling and chatting. "I'm really looking forward to this" she said as we paid and entered. Sharon had a very cheeky sexy smile which would instantly start a tingling down below, and she knew it.

We squeezed into a cubicle and started to get changed in to our swimwear. Sharon had cheated by already having her bikini on whereas I had to take everything off before putting on my shorts. I always wore baggy board shorts as this hid a multitude of sins. She saw this as an opportunity to quickly tease me by fondling my soft cock and kissing me. I instinctively put my arms behind her to pull me forward, but she teased me more by saying "no no, we're going swimming". I protested and said she was a tease and she just flashed that sexy cheeky smile at me.

We put our bags in the lockers and then walked in to the pool and swam a few lengths of the pool. Sharon stopped at the deep end and I continued for a few more minutes before stopping next to her. There weren't many people about, but there are always at least two lifeguards who generally are strict about "petting" as swimming pool officials like to call it. Sharon gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she rubbed her legs against mine under the water. I looked up at a lifeguard high in his chair but he didn't seem to notice us so I pulled Sharon closer to me, gave her another kiss, this time for 20 seconds or so. I could feel her wet bikini top against my bare chest as her nipples hardened. She smiled at me as her knee gently rubbed against the front of my shorts.

Her hand slid down between us as she tickled my now hardening cock through my shorts. I commented that she wasn't being fair and she giggled so I moved one hand to purposely rub against her bikini top before placing it at the very bottom of her pert ass. I let my middle finger gently slide under the hem of her bikini bottom touching that very sensitive part between her ass and pussy. "Now who's being unfair" she said and this time it was me who gave the cheeky smile as I noticed her breathing get a little deeper.

I stared in to her eyes pondering my next move and then gently pulled my finger forward to reach the bottom of her pussy lips and ever so slightly part them. She looked a little shocked, but the way she wiggled I could tell she liked what I was doing. We were side on to the pool kind of resting on the side of the deep end with our elbows now. I raised my leg to obscure the sight of my hand which was inside Sharon's bikini bottoms.

We had stopped kissing so it looked like we were just having a rest and chatting. I pushed my finger in further and continued to stare in to her brown eyes. As my finger was all the way in I gently wiggled it to feel the inside of her pussy. I could clearly see that she liked this and then she whispered that I could make her cum doing that. I didn't need telling twice so I continued to agitate and finger her pussy whilst watching the expressions on her face. I tried to look around casually just to check no one was watching but to be honest I didn't really care. Although my cock was getting very hard I was only interested in satisfying my girl friend for now.

I continued touching her for about two more minutes until I felt her muscles contract around my finger and she started to shake. I knew her orgasm was near and just said cum for me baby as I watched her try not to let out any noise. Her eyes seemed to roll back in her head as her orgasm came and she did let out a little whimper, but no one was close enough to hear.

I removed my finger and let her compose herself for a few minutes before kissing her on the lips briefly. She gave me that sexy smile and said thank you. As she squeezed my now rock hard cock she said "wait till we get in to the changing rooms". But that story will have to be told another time. Hope you enjoyed my tale as this is my first one on here. Robbie. x



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