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Swimming Gala

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I hate our annual primary school gala for two reasons: for one, I hate the fact that you have no choice but to go, and two, every year I get so horny looking at all the boys and girls in Speedos, and in wearing one myself, I'm always scared of getting carried away.

As a thirteen-year-old girl, I consider myself an experienced masturbator. Like a few others, I started at an early age, about nine or so, both through accidental explorations, as well as stuff I'd seen on the internet (since my parents never bothered to censor anything.) I've also developed quicker than most girls I know, having already a full C cup and a fair amount of pubic hair which, if I don't shave, becomes very noticeable through those awfully thin Speedo swimsuits.

I've also come to realise that I may be bi, which worries me a little to be honest, but the fantasies I often get are just so overwhelming sometimes; I don't even care.

So 'the Gala' was just two days ago, and it was one of the worst ones ever. I could see a lot of the boys had begun to enter puberty as a few of them had hairier legs than before, and a few definitely looked like they needed bigger speedos. Everytime I tried to take a peek, my face would go totally red, and my hand just didn't want to stay away from my pussy area.

Inside the changerooms with the other girls was just torture. First of all, not a lot of them were developing, so many didn't even bother to wear bras. Some of them hadn't even become self-conscious as they would just take off everything, and walk around completely nude before putting on their costumes. I always put on a g-string under mine, cause I get very worried that the costume might stain up without me noticing. It just gets so tense when you're the only one who notices all the hard nipples due to the water in the pool.

After an hour of swimming, I reached the breaking point. Everyone had on these wet Speedos which had become really tight and clearly outlined almost every part of their bodies. Only a few girls became self consicous and put on towels; the boys mostly just parade around, causing the girls to point fingers and giggle. I would as well, I guess. It's just that I can't get my eyes off all the costumes sliding up the girls' bums, and seeing all the outlines of the boys' dicks in their costumes, seeing who's cut and who's not.

I told the teacher that my tummy was sore and that I had to make a stop in the loo. I grabbed my towel and ran inside to the toilets, found the stall furthest away and locked the door. I almost died of embarassment when I saw sweat marks on the bottom of my costume, and a smaller different mark by the costume's crotch area. I couldn't wait. I, quickly, pulled the top part down to expose my boobs to the air, and took my one leg out of the bottom part so I could see my g-string.

At first, I was a little disgusted 'cause the whole thing was completely soaked, and not by water, but when I ran a few fingers over it, it just turned me on more. I pulled my suit off and put most of my attention to my pussy (trying to keep my voice down a bit to not alert anyone.) I squatted down on the toilet seat, put my feet on the edge of the bowl, and put the rolled up towel between my thighs. I held on to the back end of it with the one hand, supporting me so I wouldn't fall, and the other hand stretched the towel toward the front. It was really hard not to scream and moan out; I just started riding the towel like a hard pole, rubbing the rough fabric with my soft and sweaty cunny.

I think it took me about five minutes or so of some serious hard friction to cum. I'm one of those lucky girls that sprays quite a bit of 'water' when I cum, so my towel became a little wet, while the rest dripped on the floor. My lips were just glowing red and felt a little raw from all the rubbing, although the remaining cum seemed to ease it a little.

I cleaned myself up a bit and stumbled a little, then went back to the main pool area. I had to cover up a bit because my costume was all sweaty and my towel was wet, so I quickly jumped into a smaller pool to smell more like chlorine; and that was about it.

All in all, not a bad day I thought, and hopefully, next year will be as much fun as well.



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