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Swimming Class Mates 1

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At that time I was a 12- to 13-year-old boy. I had started to pleasure myself a few months ago but I only did it one or two times on a month, but this would change in a very short of time.
It all started when I decided to take swimming classes after my school.
Before and after swimming classes the changing-rooms were plenty of boys (someone's entering and someone's leaving) and in these moments there was no space for all us, so sometimes I had to wait a few minutes before I started to change.
Then, I thought that after the swimming class it was better to stay in the pool for ten minutes more and then go to change. I lived near the swimming pool and I could go home walking, so my parents didn't need to wait for me like the rest of the kids.
Only three or four boys went home walking, and one of these boys was Iker.
That's the reason Iker and me got closer. We waited during 10 minutes in the pool and then we went to take a shower and to change together. After this short period of time the changing room was empty and most of the times we were the only ones who were in it.
On these first days we took the shower with our swimsuits on, after it we dried our bodies with a towel, then we took the clothes from the locker and finally we entered the changing-room always with the swimsuits on. In the room we proceed to roll the towels round our waists, then we pull down the swimsuits. (He used to wear a blue Speedo with white stripes on sides, mine was a beach red one.) We rubbed our thighs and buttocks and we pulled on our underwear. That was the moment we took the towel off. (In these days we used to wear classic white, open-fly briefs or white ones with silly drawings without the open fly.) It was when we saw each other in briefs, so we pulled on our trousers faster than other clothes.
We left the building together, and we continued walking for a few minutes. Our conversations were about silly things. (Never about sex, masturbation or girls.)
All Tuesdays and Thursdays we went to swimming classes and things stayed same way for a brief period of time.
Just one day when we were changing, Iker for the first time took off his blue Speedo without the towel.
'It's easier this way,' he said.
'Yes,' was all I could say and I also pulled off my swimsuit without the towel.
I looked at him. It was the first time I had seen him naked. Iker was 1.50 m (5') , with curly black hair, brown eyes, and rounded belly and buttocks. His dick was 3.5 cm (1.5'') -- little, just like mine -- with a long, narrow foreskin and he had no pubic hair.
He was also looking at me.
'You're lucky,' he said.
'Why?' I queried.
'Your hairs down there, they are beginning to grow,' he said.
(I was very surprised with his answer.)
'Don't worry. It's a matter of time until you have yours too,' I replied.
At the end of this conversation we already had our white undies on.
It was amazing I've just only been naked a few seconds an he had seen my few thiny hairs.I was proud of myself and my little cock was beginning to get a little hard. We dressed and leaved the building without saying a more word.Walking home I still had in my mind the view of him naked. My body had a strange feeling of nervous and anxiety and my 'winnie' stayed half-hard . I think it was the first time I had the real urgee of jerking-off.
When I entered, I said 'Hello I´m here 'and nobody replied. I assured that there was nobody at home and I went directly to the bathroom. Rapidly I pushed my trousers down, and I started to gently rub my 'weenie' inside my underwear. (I had my fingers and hands a little bit cold and inside it was warmer and it felt better.) After a moment my penis got harder (10 cm -- 4.25''), then I slid down my cotton briefs, and started to move faster with my right hand on my penis. I looked at it; my foreskin covered the glans with the upward movement and left it partially uncovered with the downward. It started to feel good, very good ?and I closed my eyes... And came into my mind images of him, naked, in his blue Speedo, in his white briefs, his penis, his foreskin...
I open the eyes, my penis head was moist, precum was oozing, the nice feeling in the crotch now it was intense, and I sat on the border of the water closet [stall] because my legs were trembling. A great sensation invaded my whole body, I knew that after 5 or 6 more strokes all was finished and I did them slower. It was too much for me, and then my penis started to pulse a couple of times... I looked at my nearly covered glans, it was moist but once more, cum didn't appear.
I didn't pay any more attention to this fact. I supposed that cum would appear in next days or maybe months. (I was right, but this is another story.) It had been a great jerk-off and for sure it wouldn't be the last one on this month. I pulled up my undies and my trousers and closed the bathroom with a smile.
PS: This is the first part of the whole story.
PPS: Sorry for my English.



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