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Swimming and Masterbating

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17-year-old and 15-year-old swimming fun


I am 17-years-old and not gay, am almost all the way through puberty, but have always been curious about other boy's penises and their size, well my curiosity was solved.

This happened about two weeks ago, with my friend let's call him Bob. Early in the morning we had to go down and work, and after working I was supposed to take him home. His parents weren't home so he said he could come to my house and help me out with work. Well we ate lunch, but didn't have any work to do, so we decided to play around. After a little four wheeling Bob and I decided to go and float in our irrigation ditch. I live out in the country, and it was fairly shallow. I said great, and inside my head I was thinking great, I get to see him naked and he sees me. We went into my room and I gave him a pair of my old swimming trunks to put on, and I grabbed a pair of regular shorts. We started to undress and when we got down to our underwear, I noticed instantly that he had a bulge in his boxers. I was curious to see how big he was, because it looked like his penis was fully erect. He wasn't sure if he should take off his underwear, but I assured him by saying 'I've seen lot's of boys naked and their penises, and they don't bother me, so you can change.' He immediately dropped his drawers and WOW! The first erection that I had ever seen other than my own. He quickly pulled up his shorts, but his penis stuck straight out so he had to put it sticking out of the top of the shorts. I dressed and we went outside and walked along the ditch until the brush was too thick to go any further.

We then stopped, put the tube in the water and jumped in. The next thing I know, Bob pulls down the front of his shorts and shows me his penis. He told me he wasn't very big, but he liked to play with it and wanted to see mine. I of course didn't hesitate and pulled out my flacid penis. I started stoking and told him how nice his penis looked. He said I know, but yours is big and nice. Now I'm a few years older and have a larger penis, about three and a half inches flacid and seven inches erect, he was only about five and a half inches erect. I told him he could touch me and the next thing I know I have my hand on his penis stroking and his on mine.

We sat on the bank, jacking each other off, for about five minutes and then I came. Wow, what an orgasm. It surprised him because he was to young to cum, but we continued for about another 10 minutes. We tried several different ways, even between each others legs, but I never got him to cum. Maybe next time. We stuffed our rock hard erections in our shorts and floated down the ditch like nothing happened.

Man was that a great day, hope I can do it again, and this time make him orgasm like he made me. Happy Jacking, I love this site and masterbating.



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