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Swim Team Practice (2)

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Another day after practice.


In the summer when I was fifteen, I swam for a swim team at the local pool. Practice was early in the morning, before the moms and their kids started arriving for the day. By the time we had finished our laps, the sun was high in the sky, and the temperature had risen to the mid eighties.

After practice, I usually rode my bike home, but sometimes I walked. It was actually shorter because I could walk through the farm fields, and I liked to walk on hot, sunny days. The warmth of the sun on my nearly naked body (I only wore my black Speedo swimsuit and sandals) and the heavy smell of the plowed earth and the vegetation always made me horny.

After a few minutes, my cock would get hard and push out the front of my briefs. I thought I could relieve the pressure if I loosened the string in the waistband, and the already wet head of my cock poked out. When the sunshine hit it, I saw it ooze a glistening clear fluid.

I walked on a path used by the farmers and their tractors as they went from field to field. I looked around to see if anyone was coming. When I saw I was alone, I pulled down my briefs. Releasing my cock from its confinement causing it to whip up and down several times. As I bent down to step out of my briefs, I noticed my shadow on the ground. I watched the shadow of my cock as I shook it from side to side and jumped up and down. Then I decided to run naked down the path and watched it snap up and down as I did. My balls got very tight as I ran, so I reached down and pulled them. This made my cock point straight ahead and gave me an overwhelming desire to beat off.

I found a little path that was hidden by weeds and ran toward a farm field. When I got there, I saw a tractor off in the distance coming towards me. It was far enough away that I knew I'd have plenty of time to finish off, but I also thought it would be exciting to wait until the farmer could almost see me.

I took my nylon swimsuit and rubbed it over my cock, down my balls and under my crotch. I pulled it back and forth along the crack of my ass and under my balls, then jerked it up against the swollen area under my scrotum and into the opening of my anus. My cock stiffened and I started to pump it. It was drenched in a clear, slippery liquid (I have always produced great quantities of pre-cum, even when I was in early puberty). I knew I could cum at any moment, so I slowed my strokes until the tractor got closer. I could see the farmer driving it. He was watching the plow and had not yet seen me, but I knew as soon as he looked forward he would notice me. I didn't think he could see what I was doing yet, but in a few more minutes he would be able to. I stroked my cock a little faster, aiming the head at the farmer and getting myself almost to the point of no return. He turned and faced forward. As he drove his tractor straight ahead, he looked at me, but the distance and the shadows still hid my motions from him. I stepped out into the sunlight. He couldn't fail to see me now. He stared. I was not stroking, but I was totally naked and my cock was standing straight up. I turned sideways so he could see my profile. I started stroking again and I heard the tractor speed up. He clearly wanted to see more, so I stopped again and waited. I snapped my cock a couple of times to show him how hard I was.

The tractor slowed down and stopped about twenty feet from me. The farmer, who was about fifty, stared at me with no expression and took off his hat. His eyes were wide. I made eye contact with him as I slowly stroked again. When I was about to cum, I turned my back to him and spread my legs. I pushed my cock between my legs and clenched it with my thighs as I bent over to give him a good view of my ass and my balls. I looked around at him as I bent over and saw that he was looking hard at my ass. I reached between my legs and pushed my cock toward him as far as I could, until it started to hurt. I spead my legs further and let my cock snap back as I stood up.

I began pumping my cock slowly and then faster. I know he could see my arm working, even though I still had my back to him. I turned toward him and stopped stroking. I let him see my cock twitch once or twice and then started stroking it for the final climax.

With my cock aimed right at him and my knees bent a little, I began to quiver with anticipation as I felt the sperm enter my balls and rise up to fill the shaft of my cock. Suddenly I gasped as three huge streams of sperm shot from the gaping slit at the tip of my cock. The first stream fell close to my feet, but the second and third shot straight out toward the farmer. They arced through the air and hit a clod of dirt, hanging there, creamy white in the sun. As my body convulsed, I continued to shoot smaller loads onto my hands and swimsuit. Each orgasm shook my body and I felt like I was going to fall over.

I looked up at the farmer and he smiled and shook his head. The tractor started to move. He turned the wheel and started plowing again in the other direction. I cleaned myself up as best I could and jogged the rest of the way home.



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