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Swim Team (Followup)

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This is a followup to a story I posted yesterday about what we did on the swim team as a kid. I was so turned on by remembering in such detail that I had to masturbate, so I didn't include one of the side stories that I love to remember. I recommend you read my earlier post ('Swim Team') before reading this.


In my earlier post I described the activity on the pool jets among the 6 to 10 year olds on my swim team. In this followup story I tell about what happened with a friend I made the second year.
Ronny joined the team my second year. We were both 7. He was from Norway. I think his father was stationed over here with an oil company or something. Ronny spoke pretty good English, but with a cute accent.
Ronny was a natural for the pool jets; he joined in almost immediately. I noticed him right away because he seemed almost totally to have no inhibitions. When he mounted a jet, he would get a very animated look on his face, and a huge smile, and the first time I saw him have an orgasm he grunted fairly loudly, unlike the rest of us who tried to keep a poker face, even when our orgasms hit.
There were three things that really interested me about Ronny.
First, he was cute as could be. Fine features, slim, blond, blue eyes, button nose. His constant smile, particularly when he was using a pool jet, just looked so appealing to me.
Second, he was uncircumcised. He was the first boy I'd seen with a foreskin, and when we were in the shower, I was fascinated looking at it. I think I would have felt funny if I had been different like he was, but he showed no signs of being embarrassed by his uncut penis. In fact he seemed to flaunt it so we could all see, and it really looked neat when he cleaned under his foreskin in the shower. He would pull it back and wash his little purple head, and when he let go, the foreskin would just slowly slide back and cover the head and leave a neat pucker at the end.
Third, Ronny wore very different underwear. I've seen ones like it since, but back then they were a novelty. They were European, and looked more like loose girls' panties than the tighty whities all us boys wore at that age. They had elastic at the legs and were cut like a skimpy speedo, but they were baggy and loose. His package was held in a loose pouch that, unlike how our underwear constrained our genitals, his were loose and flopping around, and I could see the outline of them while he got dressed.
Ronny and I got to be pretty good friends, and sometimes after team practice during regular swim periods when the pool was crowded, we'd take turns playing on a pool jet, laughing and giggling.
We started having sleepovers at each others' houses. One time he and I had been playing in the stream out in the woods, and my clothes got wet, so when we went to bed he offered a dry pair of his underwear. I had been curious about how they felt, and now I was going to find out. I really liked how they felt; it was almost like going naked. When I left the next day I didn't return them, and at home I would frequently wear them and enjoy the relative freedom they gave me. Here I was 7 years old, and my friend's underwear gave me boners all the time!
Sometimes when I slept over at his house his mother would have us take a bath together. That was fun, and we'd mess around with our penises. They had a shower head on a long hose, and we'd take turns doing with it what we would do on the swimming pool jets. That was really neat because we could see each other down there during the process, unlike in the pool.
Sometime around this time I discovered that I could get the same feeling by rubbing my penis on my pillow, and I would do it most nights before going to sleep. One time when Ronny was sleeping over, I felt like doing it, and after I thought he'd fallen asleep, I pulled my underwear down, and rolled over on top of my pillow, with just the sheet over me. I humped at it for a while, then suddenly Ronny spoke up and asked me what I was doing. I was a little embarrassed that he caught me, but I told him, and he asked to see, so I pulled the sheet off of me and showed him. He pulled off his covers, pulled his underwear down, and did the same. We both lay there on top of our pillows humping to our heart's content, watching each other.
We did that a lot together after that. In fact we played with our own, and each others, penises nearly all the time. One time we were in the woods and wanted to play, but didn't have any pillows to hump, and Ronny had an idea. He suggested that we hump each others' butts. That sounded good, and we did. We never thought about penetrating, or I'm sure we would have, but it felt great to hump each other in our butt cracks. We started to do that a lot together, too.
Our pillow routine kept up until we were 12 or 13 and started to ejaculate. I don't know about him, but I'd do it on my pillow, then just turn it over and sleep on it without wiping it up. I did that for several months before my mother finally came into my room with a box of tissues in her hand and said that I need to clean up after myself, that she was tired of seeing my pillow all crusty. I hadn't even thought of that (dumb me), and I was really embarrassed. But I found even with the tissues there were little white crusts left over, so I started using my hand. I showed Ronny, and we were up and running with jacking off together.
Those are wonderful memories, and I cherish them. They still turn me on, and I masturbate to them often.



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