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Swim Team

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This was my freshman year of high school.


I am a part of my high school's swim team. I usually do short distance because I am a pretty fast swimmer. My high school is one of those laid back high schools that doesn't really enforce rules. Another reason they are laid back is that sexuality is open in our community; freshmen take showers in PE completely naked and people talk about sex like it is nothing. I love this because I don't feel embarrassed when I say I masturbate because poeple will easily tell you if they do it too.

I was always a swimmer. My family grew up on a farm until I was 14; we moved to the bustling city. Life on the farm was great. Instead of a pool, I had a large pond to go skinnydipping in with my brothers and sister. We would swim around and see who chould hold their breath the longest and who could swim the fastest. My parents were amazed by my speed. A lot of times I would go to the barn to pet the horses and run around with the barndogs. I didn't have the everyday drama of middle school because I was homeschooled along with my siblings.

As my first year of public school started, I joined the swim team and quickly became friends with everyone on it, especially Andy. Andy was a junior, very muscular, and really tan. He was the kind of guy that would win all of the athelete of the year awards. He was extremely nice considering the fact that the coolest guy in school would hang out with a freshman. Our first swim meet came near and we prepped up for a big victory. We had a meeting before the first meet to hand out the swimsuits.

'What do we need swimsuits for? Can't we just use our own?' I asked once I saw how small they were. They weren't the typical speedo. They were more like boxer brief looking swimsuits. At least they didn't reveal as much. The girls' were not the typical bikini either. They had more material and covered up more which all the guys agreed was a bummer.

'No, you have to use these; it's just like other sports, you have to coordinate with the other teammates,' he replied laughing. The coach passed them all out and we went home. I practiced in my pool all that afternoon and then I thought maybe it would be a good idea to try the swimsuit out. I got out of the pool, got the swimsuit out of my room, changed quickly, and went back to the pool. They were actually pretty comfortable and fit tight around the waist so they would not slip off, even though they were skin tight.

A few days later, we had our swim meet. I was one of the first people to go. As I stood on the platform, I turned around and looked at my friends who were all blushing in embarrassment. I could not believe that they were this embarrassed, but I tried not to worry. The person blew the whistle and I plunged into the pool. I felt like I just glided through the water with this swimsuit. Unfortunately, my mind started wandering, and I my penis became somewhat hard. Not poking straight out but thick and droopy. As I jumped out of the pool to get my first place ribbon, my dick started to get harder and harder and creeped farther up until it was straight out. I had not noticed at all that I was walking around with a boner. I got my ribbon and walked back to the guys.

'Dude, you know you're not supposed to eat before you swim! Put that banana away!' said one of the guys. I had no idea what they were talking about. I looked at Andy and he motioned his index finger pointing outwards. I looked down and then looked back up.

'Do something about it!' said the guy again.

'Why? It's completely normal. I don't really care anyways.' I did actually care but not as much as someone normally would. The day finished with lots of first place ribbons and us hitting the locker room. Our school was filthy rich, so we had a really nice locker room. It had nice shower heads, a humongous hot tub, and even a sauna. I quickly learned that everyone gets in the hot tub after meets. I jumped in right beside Andy and we started to talk.

'So, Jordan, why don't you care about having a boner in public?' asked that guy. Everyone looked at me because they were all wondering the same.

'I already told you, it's just a normal thing that happens to all of us,' I replied.

'Well is this normal?' The guy stood up and slapped me with his erected dick. Everyone laughed, and after a while so did I. I got an instant boner right before they asked me, 'You have a boner now?' I blushed and they knew the answer. I didn't know why he didn't see it coming, but I slapped him with my dick, and everyone started laughing again. As I sat back down, I left my penis out of my swimsuit but under the water so no one would notice. Andy started swaying his arms and stretching and accidently touched my dick. He looked at me in surprise and then grabbed it. He showed me him taking his dick out of his swimsuit so I grabbed his. From what I could feel, his was bigger than mine and uncut. Mine is cut.

'Dude, what are you doing?' asked another guy. 'Are you chokin' Jordan's chicken?' he asked. I picked my feet up and started to feel on that guy's dick.

'Dude, leave my dick alone!' yelled the guy.

'Come on, you know you like it,' exclaimed the other guy. Before I knew it, this became an all out sausagefest. I stood up and stood/bent over Andy and started to jack him off again. I bent farther down, and our lips met. We pulled back and agreed to just stick to jacking off.

'Oh Jordan, keep going! Go all the way! Yeah, chug my dick!' screamed Andy. He told me he was about to cum and off he blew. After all the guys got finished, we started talking. Before I knew it again, we were cockfighting. We were hitting each other's dicks with our dicks and all other kinds of things.

To this day, we still do things similar to this. Seniors tell us we get to do things just like this but with girls once we actually become a senior. I still have to wait less than a year. I will definitely tell you anything interesting unless it gets out of hand.

Hope you liked it!



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