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Sweet Tammy

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Many years ago when I was in college my girlfriend and I went over to her friend Tammy's house to pick her up to go to a party. Tammy was very sexy and she knew it. My girlfriend was much shyer. We arrived early. When we got there Tammy, who looked like she had just climbed out of bed, greeted us in a very short terry cloth robe and said she still needed to shower.

Tammy asked my girlfriend if she would go to the store to pick up some drinks for the party. My girlfriend agreed and left. Then Tammy went into the bathroom and asked me if I would go up to her bedroom and grab a stuffed animal for her dog and keep him busy in the backyard while she showered.

As she said this I stood outside the open bathroom door and she leaned over the sink, primping. The robe opened and I got a glimpse of her pointed nipple. As the robe lifted I saw the bottom of her perfect bare ass cheeks. She smiled, knowing I was staring. Then she turned around quickly. The tie on her robe was loose and her robe spread a little, giving me a quick glimpse of her pussy. I was rather shocked but turned on. I kept staring at her exposed crotch. Tammy sighed and smiled knowingly again. She slowly closed her robe. Then she lifted it a little and set her bare ass down on the toilet. I didn't see that much since she was parallel to me. She smiled at me again. Then she started to pee and closed the door.

I went upstairs a little dazed, confused, and very horny. In her bedroom I saw her dog's stuffed toy but also right out in plain sight on the floor was a pair of her freshly soiled panties, as if she had just stepped out of them. The crotch was open, filled with Tammy's creamy juices. Next to the panties was a pink dildo, still slick and sticky. I picked up the panties and sniffed them. They smelled especially sweet. I ran my finger through the creamy juice and it was warm and silky. I smelt the dildo and licked it. I turned the dildo's base and it began to rotate and vibrate. I tasted the cream in her panties and got an immediate raging hard on.

The next thing I knew I had my cock out and was stroking it, imagining eating Tammy out and pushing my cock into her pussy, her mouth, and her ass, as I inhaled and lightly licked the crotch of her panties. I spat in my hand and masturbated in long slow strokes, thinking I had plenty of time for a quick jerk. Then I heard an 'Oh!' from behind me. Tammy was standing there in her open robe, drying her hair with a towel. 'I wondered where you were', she said, taking in the situation. 'Guess I should have cleaned up after myself.' She was very calm.

I apologized and dropped the panties. I clumsily stuffed my cock back into my pants and as I pulled them up I begged her not to tell my girlfriend and to please, please forgive me. 'I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry,' I was saying. 'Relax. I won't tell anyone. It turns me on,' she said. 'I didn't get to finish before. You guys interrupted me.'

Then she dropped her robe. 'Now I'm horny again. Let's watch each other come. But we have to hurry,' she told me.

Tammy lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide. She stroked her clit as she took the dildo and eased it into her wet pussy. I took out my cock and stroked it over her spread legs. With eyes locked, we were really going at it. She was saying all kinds of dirty things about me fucking and sucking her. I was stroking my cock and she was banging the dildo and rubbing hard and fast against her clit. She pulled her knees up to her chest. She spread her ass cheeks for me as the dildo pulsed in her cunt. I reached down to touch her but she pushed my hand away. She told me just to enjoy this for what it was. So I did. She took out the dildo and used her fingers on her asshole, pussy, nipples, and clit.

A few minutes later, we heard the front door open downstairs. This sent her over the edge. 'This is so naughty! I'm coming!' she whispered. I couldn't hold back any longer either. I erupted all over her pussy and ass and she convulsed and squealed. She scooped up some of my cum with her finger and licked it. Then she got up quickly and shooed me out of the room. 'Never again,' she whispered, smiling, as she touched her finger to my lips. But it was just the beginning of many mutual masturbation sessions and more.

Eventually one night (with the help of porn and her very well-told, extremely dirty stories about her own sex life), Tammy talked my very horny girlfriend into letting her join us in bed. But that's not for here.



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