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Sweet Samantha

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After getting quite randomly 'excited' at a sleepover, me and my best friend made a pact that if either of us 'got off', we'd have to do it together... So we did!


My friend Samantha is 5' 6', slim with a narrow waist, small ass, and lovely hips - she's quite leggy too. I'm an inch shorter, but almost the same in terms of body. We've both got 34a breasts, and our hair is both mousey-blonde, unfussy shoulder-length. We met through our moms when I was three and a month and she was two and eight months, at a local tennis club! We play every Monday as a hobby, which is how we stay slim as we both overdose on food whenever we're together!
We both grew up at the same sort of rate, hitting puberty between about 12 and 13, and growing ever since. We're not sexual people, and between us have had no more than four boyfriends. We've definitely never got past kissing and caressing anyone! We really don't see the point, like there are too many risks. We do both get quite horny though, not by watching porn (find that a bit desperate), and we're not that interested in 'checking people out'. We simply get horny as the day progresses, and it never fits a pattern.
On this evening, a Saturday, we were both in her bedroom, having one of our regular sleepovers. Events like this usually see us pop out for a coffee or two in the afternoon, take a jog along the coast, and head to either one of our houses... We usually cook pancakes or something, watch TV, head to our bedrooms and watch a movie, chat, play games... Fall asleep between 1am and 5am usually!
On this particular Saturday, we'd seen Men In Black and I'd been badly beaten in a game of Need For Speed: Underground yet again! Samantha turned off the PS2 and we sat on her double bed just idly chatting. I pulled off my shirts and slid out of my jeans, and Samantha pulled down her tights and skirt and took her hoodie and t-shirt off too. We sat opposite each other in our underwear, and I blushed noticing my nipples were hardened again. Samantha's were too, and we both blushed and giggled. Smiling, we inched closer to each other, and blushed more. The weekend previous, we'd masturbated each other for the first time: we were both very nervous and really rather clumsy, but eventually it worked. This time, we eventually had our bodies softly touching, and Samantha made the first move placing a cool hand between my thighs. I slid a hand inside her knickers, and she followed. In seconds, our hands were right inside, and our other hands were smoothing hips, buttocks, and hair. We toyed with the idea of kissing, and then pressed our lips together... Subtle, gentle kissing, no tongues.
We gently tickled each other's rather drenched clitorises, and slid a finger in and out of each other. We were both writhing and tingling with pleasure, before Samantha eased me onto my back and quite deftly slid her legs between mine and lay on top of me. She slid a tongue into my mouth, and we passionately made out. Our hands now were sharing the tasks of masturbating quite rapidly each other's sexual organs and also supporting each other's weight, and now she was sliding her pussy into mine, our hands adding to the pressure against our tingly bits. We came, three times each, and our breasts fondled each other's - it was very intimate, very romantic, very passionate.
Eventually, we fell off each other and lie there panting, exhausted but very, very relaxed.
We undressed from our slightly sweaty and moistened underwear, pulled a duvet over, and slept together naked. Tomorrow (Saturday) night, Samantha is staying over mine. We're not planning on doing anything sexual, but there's a chance we probably will. Samantha's up for it, and I know I will be.
Thank you for letting me share this.



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