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Sweet Pleasure

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Just thought I'd share with you the incredible orgasm I just had about 5 minutes ago, and the way that I treated myself to it tonight....I'm still wet and swollen from it.....
The moment I walked in the door tonight after work, I poured myself a glass of wine, and turned on the computer. I changed into some sweats just to be comfortable in the soft cotton, and took off my bra and panties too, just have some socks on to keep my feet warm. I love to have candles going, so I lit 3 in the living room, and 3 in the bathroom, and turned on one small light in the bedroom, just a lamp. The ones in the living room are blueberry, citrus, and apple....in the bathroom is 2 peach and one gardenia. The place is blooming with fruit and flowers....and it smells wonderful! The soft glow from the candles relaxes me as I read the stories on this site and sip my wine.
Snuggling up in front of my monitor, I first flip through all the recent posts, and look for any interesting titles or names that I recognize. I then start at the beginning and read each one slowly and carefully, not wanting to waste any details. After the fourth story, the alcohol begins to kick in, and I feel a little dizzy. The stories turn me on so much that I feel the warm rush of arousal course through my body too.
After the fifth or sixth story I realize that my arousal has become intense. My little nipples are just hard as pebbles, and the lips around my pussy are swollen and sensitive, as is my clit, longing for attention.....but not yet....
I always start with the stories that don't interest me as much, then go on to the sections that I know will be good. And, if early on in my search I come across a story which I can tell is a very choice one, I sometimes save it for the end, and don't read it all.
(For those of you who are right now saying to yourselves, 'She doesn't really and truly go through this much trouble.' I assure you I do. This is very real! )
Now that I've read almost all of the stories except the ones which I saved for last, I'm gushing with lubrication. I can feel it. I haven't touched myself yet, just little brushes here and there through my clothing, but I can feel it, the heat, and the wetness. I've become incredibly horny now, but still....its not time yet....
As I read through the last story or two, by now feeling the affects of the alcohol rather strongly since I didn't eat anything yet, I can feel myself wander into that state of imagination where you feel that you are there, living the story, feeling the story, every action written evokes a physical reaction of mutual sensations. Now my arousal is so strong I can hardly keep my hands away from my throbbing clit. I want to touch it so badly, rub it, get my finger wet inside my cunt and rub my clit with my wet finger....but not yet.....
With the last story read, I blow out the candles in the living room, filling the room with a moment of candle smoke that floats up into the air, I turn off the computer, and go into the bedroom.
I grab a ponytail holder and put my hair up so I won't get it wet. I take off the clothes I put on earlier and my nipples instantly become erect at the shock of the cool air they're now exposed to. Wandering into the bathroom, I take a new fluffy towel with me and lay it across the toilet seat beside the bathtub, then I close the door behind me to keep the heat into the room. I never turn the lights on. Three candles are enough to illuminate the room well. Besides, I know where everything is, and I especially know what I want to touch, and where that is. I know that well.
I reach out and turn on the cold water first, just a little, about a quarter turn, then the hot, about tree quarters turn, till its just the right temperature. It doesn't take long for the water to adjust, as the water heater is very close to the room. I stop the drain up, and pick up a bottle of peach hyacinth bath crystals, and pour a small handful into the falling water. Then I pour in about 2 capfulls of honeysuckle foam bath into the water and watch the bubbles form.
Stepping into the hot water makes my body tingle all over. Its a bit like having chills, but its not because you are cold. Its a wonderful feeling. And so is the feeling between my legs which hasn't subsided, but only intensified. Knowing what is to come soon, my body is anticipating the long awaited release of pleasure that has been building up all night. And it won't be long now......
I lay back into the warm water, the flow still streaming onto my feet, filling the tub. I put my head back against the wall, and relax. The water is loud, and it blocks out any noise that would otherwise distract me. I love how the water sounds, crashing down onto me. The bubbles are almost halfway up the side of the tub now, and the room smells beautiful to me! It's finally time....
I spread my hands out over my breasts, feeling the soft skin surrounding my tight nipples. It feels so good to circle my palms around over my nipples, not hard, just lightly enough that they don't even move. It gives me chills again, and they flow down my body in tingles. I chase the tingles with my hands, even running them down the inside of my legs. I lift my legs up one at a time, straight up in the air, and push the bubbles up my legs, watching them slide down my slick skin. By now the tub is full so I turn the water off....so it can warm up again for the second course.....
Bringing my leg back down into the water, I keep them slightly bent, feet beside the drain lever on the front of the tub, only my knees, shoulders, neck and chest above the bubbles. Under the water, my hands wander down to my pussy that has been so patiently waiting all night for release. It feels so good, swishing the water onto my clit by waving my hands in the water. It causes little whirlpools underwater to massage and tickle my clit, now hard and pulsing with the desire to be stroked. So finally....I do it....
The middle finger of my left hand sinks in between my swollen lips and down into my cunt, which is now slippery wet. Even in the water its still wet with all my juices and my finger slides in and out very easily. So easily in fact, that some of it clings to my finger a bit, before being diluted by the water, and I use it to coat my clit that I rub with the fingers of my other hand. I'm so hot now from all the delayed stimulation that it doesn't take me long to reach that point of orgasm.....but not yet....
Right before I can feel myself sinking into the automatic mode where my body takes over and my mind is helpless, I stop, sit up, let the water drain a bit but only halfway, stand up, and I grab the shower massager. Its the deluxe model, with 8 settings, and a long hose on it. I lay back down in the tub, massager in hand, and let it fall upside down, handle pointing to the ceiling. I sit up, knees bent slightly, feet firmly planted along side the drain, leaning back on my right hand, which I place behind me, and hold the massager by the head of it aimed right at the bottom of the lips of my pussy out of the water. I turn on the water again, starting with the cold so it won't burn me. I've been playing for a while now, so the water is nice and hot again. I adjust it to the right temperature again, and rotate the knob that diverts the water to the shower head. A light stream of sprinkles shoot out of the head in a large circle that I aim over the entire area, tickling my lips teasingly. This feels so so so good, but it gets better than this even.....
After my pussy gets used to the new sensation, and begins to twitch with excitement, I rotate the head controls to the pulse setting. The water comes out not in a stream now, but in a forceful, beating, motion that vibrates the whole head of the shower massage. It comes out of the head in three distinct shots. One of them I aim directly above the tip of my clit, the other two I position like a triangle and shoot them alongside my swollen lips. At first, all I can do is just sit there, every muscle in my body frozen with the intense pleasure that fills me. This is soooo strong, and it feels soooo good. My clit throbs in one incredibly strong contraction that just seems to go on and on and on, and doesn't stop. This doesn't feel like an orgasm, but if its not, its really close. Its very deep, and very strong, and lasts forever, as long as I don't move at all, and the water temperature stays the same. But that's not the end of it. I'm not done yet....
When my insides feel so tight like I can't stand it anymore, I turn it to the pulse setting that is harder and faster, and more constant. But this time, I lower the shower head into the bubbly water. It feels totally different underwater, more muted, but still the same pressure. By now, the bathtub is filling up again, so I have to let some water out, and my right arm is tired from holding me up, so I switch. Leaning back on my left hand behind me, I use my right to hold the shower massager up against my pussy. I hold it really close, right up against it, touching it even. Not only can I feel the water pulsing up against my clit under the water, but I also feel its vibrations when I touch it. Sometimes I even use it to rub against, like I did with my fingers earlier. This is just too much! I can feel the point of no return rising up in me. Eyes closed, picturing the stories that I 'watch' in my mind, my orgasm grabs hold of me and pulls me over the edge of that cliff I hung over all night. The couple of seconds right before are the best, when you know its there, and you know its going to happen, and you feel it begin. Oh that feels sensational! I never even feel how hard I'm gripping the head in my hands, pressing it and the pulsating water against my spasming clit as I shudder visibly with my orgasm.
It's beautiful to be surrounded by such feminine things, smelling pretty, feeling so sexy, even if only for yourself.



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