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Sweet Panties

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The hottest panties I ever found


I was dating a lovely woman named Mary who had an amazingly sexy teenage daughter, Angela. I was at their house frequently and saw a lot of Angie. She was a very high-spirited, independent-minded girl who had an amazingly sexy body.

I had to restrain myself most of the time when I saw Angie, because I was with Mary and I really didn't want Mary to think I was the kind of perv who lusted after her daughter. (Yes, I was lusting after her daughter, but would never act on that) My daughter was a friend of Angie's as well. So, in a nutshell, I had the hots for this little cutie but there was nothing I could do about it.

Naturally, making love with her mom was very sweet, but I frequently enjoyed fantasies of her daughter as I made love with the mom. To this day, I thank all the powers that be that I was never so indiscreet as to call out the wrong name in a moment of passion!

On one occasion, Mary, who travelled frequently on business, had to go out of town. Angie had to go away for a few days as well. The neighbor who usually dogsat for Mary was out of town, too.

Mary asked me if I would take care of her dog and water the plants in her and Angie's absence. Naturally, I was happy to help since I liked their pooch.

On the day after Mary left, I went over there, unlocked the door, and let myself in. I took care of the chores that I had to attend to and realized that I was in their home all alone with no likelihood of being interrupted.

After a bit of an internal debate (don't you agree that the knowledge that what you want to do is forbidden makes it sweeter?), I decided that I wanted to check out the dirty laundry hamper. I really wanted to know what sort of sexy underwear hot little Angie wore. (Naturally, I knew a lot about Mary's underpinnings!)

I cased the joint, checking all of the usual places in Angie's room and down to the basement where the laundry room was situated. I found a wealth of underwear there, too, but it was all clean!

I kept looking and looking for any dirty clothing, but Mary had gotten everything washed before she left.

By this time, my jeans were very noticeably tenting. I checked out Angie's underwear. To my surprise, she didn't have a lot of silky nylon panties. In fact, most of hers were basic cotton bikinis with little prints of various sorts on them.

I found that touching and cute and, ultimately, very sexy. I picked up a pair of hers (clearly Angie's since they were size 5. Mary wore size 7.) and held them to my nose, inhaling their essence.

They mostly smelled fresh and clean, but I imagined that I could sense a little of her young pussy's aroma. By this time, I had the hardest erection that I could remember. I stuffed the panties into my underwear next to my cock and locked the house up and left.

By the time I got home, I couldn't resist. I had to try them on for myself. It gave me the hardest, biggest erection of my life.

I spent hours touching myself through Angie's panties, enjoying the sure knowledge that her sweet little pussy had been embraced by the same fabric that held my balls.

Ultimately, I shot an amazing load of cum into Angie's panties and relaxed for a while, just enjoying the wetness around my cock and balls in her little panties.

I came across those panties again not too long ago, in the ziplock bag in which I kept them. They instantly made me hard again with the sweet memories of Angie's little feminine figure and of purloined panties. I couldn't help myself. I had to do it again, just for old time's sake...



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