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Sweet Orgasms With My Friend

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Ever since I was young, I have masturbated myself by rubbing the swollen shaft of my clitoris back and forth in rhythm with two or three fingers. I can lay on my back and do this for long periods of time, absorbed in the sweet-sex feeling that I have in my clit. I cannot, however, achieve an orgasm unless I put my legs tightly together-it is only then that I begin to feel the rise toward a climax. If I put my legs apart before the orgasm starts, the feeling will go down and the orgasm will not begin. I can go up several times and then go back down, until I feel the irresistible need to feel an orgasm-then I'll keep my legs together and make the orgasm start.

One night when I was 13, my friend was sleeping over at my house, and we were lying in my big bed-she confided to me that she masturbated herself in just the same way-that she had to have her legs tight together to have a climax, and we talked about how our orgasms felt, and how much we enjoyed the sweet sex feeling when we masturbated.

She pulled her pants down and said that she would show me how she did it if I would put my arms around her while she rubbed herself. I scooted up next to her and put my arms around her shoulders, and she moaned as she rubbed her clit rhthmically. Holding her like that, hearing her sigh, and feeling the rhythm of her arm moving as she buried her fingers in her newly grown jet-black pubic hair made me start to get a clit-hard-on (that's what I call it-or a girly hard-on, or clit-hard.)

My clit-hard was starting to throb, so I reached into my pants with my left hand and started rubbing myself as I held her with my right arm. Pretty soon she said, 'ok, I'm gonna make it go up' and she put her legs tight together. When she put them together, she closed her eyes and said, 'ahhh, it's going up' and kept rubbing, 'it's going up...farther up...almost to the top...it feels so good...it's all the way up...it's getting even stronger...oh, God, it feels SO GOOD....' then she got this real painful look on her face and made a long, drawn out groan that went on and on.

I put my legs tight together and felt the rise-pretty soon I was saying, 'oh, good, AHHHHH' and I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes tight as I felt my orgasm get progressively stronger until I almost fainted.

After that we would frequently do it together, and we'd always describe to each other how our sex pleasure felt and how our orgasms felt until the climax would get so strong that we couldn't talk any more and could only moan or squeal during the real intense part of the orgasm.

Sometimes we would go to the mall together, and would be walking along twisting our hips and showing off our growing cleavage and looking at the boys. We'd both get girly-hard-ons doing that, and we'd find a unisex bathroom that we could lock ourselves in. We'd pull our jeans down to around mid-thigh, put our legs tight together and stand on our tiptoes, and rub ourselves to a quick climax standing there in the bathroom. We'd have to stifle our moans as we felt our orgasms so people around us wouldn't hear us climaxing.

I think back on when we used to do that, and I'll start to get wet and get a clit-hard, and I'll need to lay down and masturbate. She's married now, and I'll imagine what her husband's beautiful hard penis looks like as it goes in and out, in and out of her black-haired pussy as she lays flat on her back, and imagine how she looks as she tenses up and feels her orgasm and moans from the deep pleasure. I'll imagine her husband pulling out and moaning as the head of his penis swells, and shooting long streams of white semen on her belly, right above her black pubic triangle. As I imagine her looking up at the jism flowing on her belly, I'll tense my legs up and feel that sweet rise and begin to groan out my climax. I've been rubbing my girly erection the whole time that I've been writing this, and I need to go to my bed and rub myself and feel a sweet orgasm, as I'm soaking wet and my vagina aches. Peace, love, and orgasmic sweetness to everyone! Clarissa.



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