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Sweet Obsession (2)

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Hearts break in the Middle Kingdom too.


My brother and I always showered when we got home from school so there would be hot water again when our parents returned from work. If he was home, I always left the bathroom light off so he couldn't peep at me but he was too silly to do that and I often peeped at him through the cracks in the bathroom door. I was very curious at that age and had watched him doing everything: showering, number one, number two and even hand pleasure to make the milky stuff come out.

I was delighted when my classmate first started visiting me after school. Her parents' flat was the older type with no shower so she started using ours instead of going to the public bathhouse. Some Tuesdays, we even showered together. It was very safe because my parents never came home early and on Tuesday afternoons the boys had sport. Anyway, just to be sure I would snib the lock on the front door. I was still a skinny monkey but she had a beautiful body with proper breasts and hair there like a real woman. Goodness it was so much fun. I especially loved washing her breasts, with my soapy hands going up and over and down again. We would wash each other everywhere, even on our private parts. Sometimes I would do things that made her moan and shudder and she would hold onto me really tightly like that very first time at her place. We enjoyed it so much that sometimes the hot water ran out when we still had soap on.

I knew my friend was interested in the older boys at school but I was amazed when she started flirting with my brother. He was almost four years older than me, and much stronger, but he was dopey. I could outsmart him every time. Sometimes they seemed to forget I was there and I would get a bit jealous but, I adored her and just wanted to be with her and would do anything to please her. So, I was happy to be like their servant, getting them drinks and snacks, and saying nothing.

Thursday was sports afternoon for the girls but nobody liked running around when it was so hot. Girls who had started menstruating could easily get a note from the clinic and go home. My classmate often did that, even when she wasn't. She would say 'meet you at your place' and she would usually be chatting with my brother when I got home, all hot and bothered from sport.

One Thursday, I twisted my ankle and the teacher sent me to the clinic. It was not nearly as bad as I pretended so I just went home to cool off in the shower. Surprised and disappointed, I saw light under the bathroom door and knew that my brother had already beaten me to it. Kneeling, I peeped in and saw his bottom just there, almost against the door. Then it turned and for a moment I was confused. There was no penis!

I pulled back, puzzled, and then looked again, just as the shower came on. He stood against the basin, his familiar turtle-head peeping from the dark almost hidden in his thick black hair. I watched as it gradually emerged, like a little pink pig cautiously leaving its dark brown sty.

Then he reached out and suddenly I saw her and felt dizzy. She stood facing him, her hair falling forward, her arms forming a long V down over her breasts to join over her private part. Her hands directed a stream of water, parting the fine hair to reveal the cleft at the hinge of her thighs. He reached to touch her there and spoke.

She straightened up, throwing back her wet hair and her breasts popped out like a pair of golden rabbits in the soft light. She looked so lovely and I felt faint with jealousy but a burning curiosity kept me there watching them.

His hand slipped between her legs and slowly raised her knee. He moved slowly, deliberately, pressing her leg against the tiles and with his free hand he spread her inner lips. Never before had I seen anything so beautiful. They were like the petals of a flower in shades of pink, fringed with indigo. Her hand reached for his penis and tugged, and then he did something quite dreadful. He purposely squirted his milky stuff on to her private part. I felt sick and turned away.

When I reached the clinic, my ankle was swollen and really hurting so nobody asked me why my face was wet with tears. My panties were wet too.



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