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Sweet Fantasy

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Since I started masturbaring when I was very young, and started reading about sexuality when I was about 12, I've been fascinated with other people having sexual pleasure. I immensely enjoy thinking about or seeing other people experience sexual pleasure-either in person, in my fantasies, or in pictures.

One of the fantasies I have when I masturbate is to think of everyone in the world, at that moment, that is having sexual pleasure, and experiencing an orgasm.

Couples that are having intercourse, groaning from the sweetness of the connections of their bodies. Men that are flooding the bellies of their women with semen, and women whose vaginas are gripping their husband's penis with the contractions of their orgasm, contracting and releasing around the stiff shaft.

I think of all the people masturbating right at that moment-all the young boys pulling the foreskin back and forth over the swollen heads of their dicks as they lay in bed, and groaning from the sweetness that their first dry orgasm gives them, still too young to ejaculate. Young girls who have just discovered the pleasure that their clits can give them, and who have a smile on their faces as they feel the buildup to their first climax, as they rub in rhythm.

I imagine all the men ejaculating right at that moment, all the shapes and sizes of penises, as their owners groan from the intense pleasure that they feel as the semen gushes through their beautiful erect penises-all the penises that are ejaculating all over the world, right at that instant-all the shapes and sizes and colors of dicks that are feeling all that intense pleasure that causes that beautiful white fluid to flow out, and the head to swell and to make the guy say, 'ahhhh' as it gushes through. I imagine all the teenage boys lying in their beds doing that, and marvelling at the feeling of their first ejaculations, as the semen courses through their urethras and lands in ropes on their bellies.

As I rub my clit and thrust my fingers deeply inside me, I imagine all the lonely girls like me lying in their beds, finger-fucking themselves, wishing their fingers were a man's hard, thick penis, dying to be fucked senseless, drifting off to sleep after a mind-blowing orgasm, wishing they had a man to flood their bellies with semen, and then fall asleep in his arms (like me).

When I feel my rise to orgasm, I feel that the pleasure I'm having is one with theirs, that this pleasure we feel is kind of the force of the universe, that it comes from God, that this intense pleasure makes the universe continue by making more life. As I feel the excruciating pleasure in my clit radiate into the pit of my stomach as my orgasm progresses, and then I scream amd almost faint from the ongoing pleasure of my orgasm, that just goes on and on, and makes me double over and writhe on the bed and groan and groan from the incredibly intense sweet, unberable pleasure, I feel I'm one with the universe, with God, with Love....so sweet, so strong, so intense...

I think that if everyone could feel this, there would be no more war, no more hate, only bliss..only sweetness...only love...

As I lay recovering from my climax, feeling the glow of my orgasm still subsiding, the flutters in my vagina still occurring, the sweet ache in my clitoris still throbbing, I feel like somehow I'm connected with all those people, with the Force that moves the universe, with pure love...pure sweetness...



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