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Sweat Part 1

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Love the solo touch!


I love the site and the stories. I had something unusual for me anyway occur over a couple of years that I will relate in a number of shorter stories.

It was a time in my life when I was going through a very hard time emotionally. My wife of 22 years and 3 kids with the oldest in high school yet and were everything for me. The marriage was on the rocks and getting worse. I had the luxury of taking a year off so that I could get my life back. I was very over weight and addicted to prescription drugs. Because of an accident 10 years earlier I had as much pain meds as I wanted. But they were insidious and destroying me. I kicked the drugs successfully going cold turkey over a six week period which was very painful. After that six weeks I joined a local health club and began working with a doctor for my depression. I wanted to lose 65 pounds and needed an outlet separate of my family to work on things emotionally.

My goal was to lose 80 pounds. A year later, I got 75 off and then kept 60 off for good. I would work out almost any time when I could not sleep or had trouble with life. It always seemed to be a better alternative. I paid extra to have 24/7 access to the club and as a result I would end up there at odd hours with few or no one else at the club. It was great therapy.

Since my marriage was in the crapper with no sex I was masturbating daily now. As time passed I would find different spots to masturbate at the club during or after the workout. As I lost weight, my esteem improved and I would wear less clothes. In time I would settle into a routine that often found me at the club between 4 and 5 am. First, it was the locker room or bathroom I would masturbate in.. Then more daring public areas. Once in the parking lot. Another by the pool sitting on a lounge. Another sitting on a bench in the weight room and so forth. It became very enjoyable. Work out then jack off and then shower and leave. Over time I settled into cumming into my hand and then finding a way to get rid of it. Usually a towel I placed nearby. People would show up randomly and this was part of the thrill.

One early morning after a really good sweat, I went to a spot that I used before. It was off to the side and I could usually hear someone before we saw each other. It was around a corner from a hallway overlooking a basketball court. I set the towel on the railing of the hallway and went around the corner and striped to only my shoes. The club was still deserted or so it seemed.. I ejaculated into my hand and then I heard someone. I pulled on my shorts and walked around the corner and was confronted by a blond lady who had picked up my towel. I don't think she saw me then smiling, said hi. She then realized she had taken my towel that I had put on the rail and apologized. I was very red faced and I said no problem and walk away to get another. More abruptly than I intended and said no problem and as I walked away with a handful of cum trying not to let any of it drip. She said 'I hope I didn't embarrass you.' I said nope not your fault, that's ok. I was so excited by the time I reach the locker room and jacked off again.

The next day, I started a bit earlier and repeated my masturbation. But this time when I was done and turned the corner to find the towel gone. With a mess in my hand I proceed toward the locker room. On my way I passed the same pretty blond by the treadmills. She was very will built but slightly heavy at 5' 6' or so, 140 or 150 pounds, C cup breast that were a bit bouncy about my age. She asked for some help with the treadmills and said they were all dead. I said just a second, then I noticed the towel rack was empty, the closest bathroom was closed for repair and the only other was the locker room. Cum was beginning to seep through my figures and she was looking at me with a silly looking smile. Oh god, what to do. I turned my back to her and coughed into my hand and quickly I ate as much of my cum as I could without being obvious. I wiped the remaining on my shorts.

Smiling, I walked over to where she was and quickly noticed the surge protector was off. I tuned it on and she thanked me. She had a grin and said that I must have had a really hard work out since I was so sweaty. She really emphasized 'hard' and had an odd grim that I could not explain at the time. I said oh yeah, I sweat gallons when I work out was embarrassed and apologized. She said, 'no worries, I find it sexy'. I know I was blushing profusely and headed to the locker room as fast as possible and masturbated another time before showering and leaving. I could not stop thinking about it.

This became the beginning of a successively more exciting solo touches



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