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Susan's Visit

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A few weeks ago my niece Susan called saying she was in town and asked if it's ok to come over, I told her 'yes, please sweetheart'. I was in the garage when she pulled up and parked her truck next to mine. She shone her lights on me sitting on a bar stool by my table. I was wearing my short baggy shorts and t-shirt and my hard cock was sticking out of my shorts a few inches. It was dark out and I was jacking off waiting for her with the light off.

After she had her look she turned her truck off and lights. I walked over to her truck and opened her door. The inside light came on and her black one piece dress was laying high up her legs, so I turned off the cab light and leaned in and kissed her. As we kissed her I felt up her legs.

'So good to see you sweetheart', I said.

'Good to see you too uncle'.

I kissed down her neck to her exposed breasts and down to her legs. Susan moved her leg out a little for me. For the next few minutes I felt and kissed her legs and her pussy over her panties. I went back up to her and we kissed some more. Susan reached down and took hold of my cock telling me how much she missed me and my cock.

We finally went in the house, and as we did I hit the record button on my small camera that I positioned to film the love seat before she turned around. We kissed as I felt her beautiful butt and legs with her hands on my cock. I pulled my shorts down for her and she felt and squeezed him.

I went to my knees and started feeling and kissing her legs. Susan told me to pull down her panties. As I fingered her pussy she was telling me that this morning she awoke thinking about many of the hundreds of times I used to expose myself to her and the many times as I jacked off looking at her body as she looked at me.

At first she would take glances at me with disbelief in her eyes and put up with it. She always wore skirts or shorts and that turned me on making my cock hard and she took glances at my hard cock under my shorts. I thought she liked it and I was so turned on I couldn't stop doing it around her. She never told anybody and so I kept doing it. It was always for her eyes only whether it was in her house or our family's houses or mine. When there was an exposer point down hallways or windows and doors I'd pull my shorts or pants down and show her my cock and jack off wanting her to look my way and make eye contact. When she did she'd look at my cock and then up at my face and turn away and I'd stay there as long as I could and she'd take a few more glances and get up and move taking a last look at my cock. I knew she was putting up with it and it was wrong but I couldn't stop. She told me a few times she didn't like it and to stop, but I couldn't. After a few years she just accepted it and at times when she and her husband fought she seemed to enjoy it. I would sit in front of her on the couch and pull him out of my shorts and let her look at him when she wanted to, she'd look and smile as she looked away and took several more glances before getting up and moving..

And then one day when I was in the garage with the door opened into the kitchen as she sat at the table she crossed her right leg showing me her beautiful thighs and stared at me jacking off and smiled up at me. When someone came in the family room I would move away and then peek in to make sure no one was with her, I'd then get back in her view and jack off for her. She'd look at me and smile and she pulled back the cuff of her shorts and I wanted to go to her and kiss her legs.

In those first few years of exposing myself to Susan she'd let me come up behind her and kiss the back of her neck and down her arm and sometimes she told me she liked it, she felt love and affection in every kiss, she was right, I love Susan very much and her body drives me nuts.

She started to assist me in setting up jack off times. We started kissing on the lips often when alone. She then let me feel her butt when we kissed pressing my hard cock into her. When I'd stay over in her house her husband and kids left early in the morning and I'd try to feel and kiss her all day long. It was a battle but she'd let me feel and kiss her body several times. First as she watches tv I'd start to kiss and feel her feet and start up her leg until she tells me to stop when I get close to her panties, I'd back off and just kiss up and down her legs. When she's doing laundry I'd be behind her feeling and kissing her legs and butt under her skirt. And then when she's doing dishes I'd put my arms around her kissing her neck, ears and arms pressing my cock on her butt swinging it left and right on her butt. She would turn around kissing me telling me this is wrong.

A year later she called me to come over and visit more often, that's when she started letting me play with her pussy as long as I wanted to. I would give her two or three orgasm's because I would gently rub her pussy lips for hours throughout the day. I love her inner thighs so much. I took many pictures of her in her shorts and skirts and robe exposing her body to me. I took movies of her dressing and undressing and movies of her taking showers.

By then it's been fifteen years that we've had sexual relations. I started jacking off only in a t-shirt sitting next to her as she watches tv. I'd rub my cock on her hair as she's on the computer or I'd sneak in her room when she sleeps in and go under her blankets feeling and kissing her legs and then rubbing her pussy.

At the twenty year point she started jacking my cock, I had been trying to get her to jack him hundreds of times, but I was always happy she let me jack off at her and feel and kiss her body. I love it when she wraps her legs around my face telling me to finger her pussy. I love filming her giving her pussy some finger action as she calls it, then we make out and she jacks my cock. Of everything that we do together I like exposing myself to her and jacking off the most.

So here we are twenty five+ years later. I love Susan so much and her beautiful body even more.

She hasn't been with her husband for five years now. For the past few years she comes over the hill and spends a few weekends a month with me. My neighbours know her as my girlfriend. I live two hours from her and the family, they don't visit much cause I'm always down there visiting Susan.

So here I am on my knees kissing her legs and rubbing her pussy as I lift her dress up to expose her butt to the camera. I'm telling her how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and loving niece as her. She sits on the love seat wrapping her legs around my thigh pressing it into her pussy. After her orgasm it was my turn to get my cock jacked. She jacked my cock for half an hour till I came. She would go outside to sunbathe and I'd stay indoors to jack off looking at her take glances at me showing me her legs and butt.

I love every square inch of her body. She knows how happy her body makes me, and by happy she knows I mean how hard my cock gets. She left Sunday afternoon but before she did we got in the back seat of her truck and made out. There's a tall tree next to her truck putting shade on the tinted windows as we made each other cum.

Hated seeing her go but I did take more pics and videos of her.

That was three weeks ago. This morning she called telling me she's coming up tomorrow. I told her how much I missed her and loved her. She told me that she wants to see my cock so much.

I am so anxious to see her...



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