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Susan's Recent Visit

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Susan called and said she was in town and asked if it's ok to visit, of course it was and I told her to park in the driveway. I moved my truck off to the right and went inside to wait for her. I opened the miniblinds and curtains and waited for her. After five minutes I saw her pulling into my street towards my driveway, I then pulled down my pants and started jacking off out my window knowing she takes her time getting out of her truck. Susan pulls up and she scans the window looks into my eyes and then down at me jacking off and acts like she didn't see me. Susan's window is down and my front door is open and I heard her cellphone ring and she answers it. As Susan talks on the phone she's glancing at me jacking off at her behind the window and I'm enjoying showing her how much she turns me on. As she was talking she came out of her truck and I saw that she had on a skirt I was so turned on. Susan then leaned on her front driverside quarter panel not more than six feet from the window. I moved up close to the window dropping everything to the ground and watched her legs as I jacked off at her. It was cold outside with a chance of snow for the evening, but she stood there watching me jack off enjoying myself. After a short while of her watching me she hungup and walked towards the door and I pulled up my pants and opened the door for her.

Susan came in the house and we kissed and I told her how happy I was to see her and she grinned. Just as she walked in it started snowing. We went to the kitchen and sat on chairs at my kitchen table. After awhile I knelt in front of her and told how much I missed seeing her legs as I felt them from her ankles to her knees, Susan seemed to enjoy the attention on her legs and I've always loved her legs. I started kissing her right crossed leg right above her foot slowly up to her knee. It took me a minute to get there and she let me. I started going up her leg towards her thigh when she stopped me. As we talked I would feel her leg and run my hand up her thigh and back and she would glance at my cock pushing my sweatpants out.

Susan knows how much I'm turned on when I'm near her and that I love her body. Years ago I was wearing shorts with no underwear sitting across from her with a hard-on and she looked at it and smiled and after a few seconds I pulled my shorts back and showed her my cock just for her viewing. We never talk about it and every chance I get I try to show her how much she turns me on as I jack off at her as I look at her legs and glance up at her face as she looks at my cock and into my eyes, and that really excites me.

I walked to the front room and looked out the window and told her there was at least seven inches of snow on the ground. I stood there and looked back towards the kitchen and saw her in the mirror on the wall. I pulled down my sweats and started jacking off at her reflection. The mirror was low enough that I had a clear view of her legs and feet which meant she could see me down below my cock. I jacked off as we talked and she kept reading her magazine. After ten minutes of jacking off looking at her I must have started making slappy noises and Susan looked up and stared into the mirror at me jacking off. She stared at me for a good two minutes and my heart was racing watching her eyes staring at my cock being jacked off with a smile on her lips. She stopped staring and returned reading her mag and then she brought her right ankle up to her left knee, showing me the underside of her thigh. I jacked off for another ten minutes before I went back into the kitchen. After a few mintues I went back to feeling her lower leg, enjoying the feel of her legs.

I got up and went to the window and took another look and the snow was up another few inches and just stared out the window for a few minutes. When I looked back Susan was not in the kitchen and I went to look for her. I found Susan in the spare bedroom looking out the window and joined her. As we talked and me looking at her body I pulled my sweats below my balls sense the light in the room was off except the hall light. My cock got hard and stood straight out next to her. With the light filtering into the room and as she was leaning on the window sill she took slight glances at my cock and she was turned on knowing my hard cock was inches from her. Susan started tapping her ankle and that tells me she's excited. I leaned over and softly told her how much I missed her for the last three months and started kissing her neck. I told her how beautiful she is and that I love her body. Susan took a glance down at my cock and I started kissing down her back. I knelt next to her and pulled up her sweater kissing her lower back. As I kissed her my cock would rub on her lower leg and I knew she felt him as she sighed. I then started kissing her butt and feeling her legs under her skirt as my cock rubbed her right leg. Before she could stop me I felt up the front of her right leg and under her panties and felt both sides of her pussy, slowly up and down. With my left hand I pulled up her skirt and kiss her butt, she was wearing semi thong panties. We were both enjoying it. Susan then pulled down her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I kissed up and down her legs and butt feeling her pussy. I turned her around without any objection from her and pulled her panties down and started fingering her pussy. It was so fine. Susan was sighing and swaying and her breathing was getting fast and heavy and then she came as I was rubbing my cock up and down her leg.

Susan said she shouldn't have allowed me to feel her pussy as she sat on the loveseat by the window saying that's her weak spot. I grinned at that, in the semi dark room. I continued kissing and feeling her legs for five minutes and stood up with my cock pointing at her. Susan said that she always enjoyed seeing me jack off at her and since I gave her her first orgasm I should finish was I started. I stood in front of her stroking my cock with my sweats around my ankles. I was so excited jacking off with Susan sitting on the loveseat naked from the waist down staring at me jacking off. Within ten minutes I was ready to cum and for minutes I was trying not to. I told Susan I was going to and she pulled me by the back of my legs towards her. I came five minutes later, what an evening.



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