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Susan's Panties

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I'm a 50 something male who's been married for more than a quarter of a century, but that doesn't mean I don't lust for a sweet younger woman I've know now for over 20 years. I met Susan on the internet back when it used to actually cost 29 cents to send an e-mail. Over the years she learned that I am a compulsive masturbator and recently, in a moment of weakness, I convinced her to send me a pair of her worn panties and I wanted to finally contribute to this web site and tell you about it.

The day her present arrived I couldn't wait to tear it open and enjoy them. I went straight to my computer to pull up some pictures of her, pull out my cock and slowly began to stroke it as I just looked at the soft silky panties. They weren't anything especially sexy looking, they were a beige full brief with a slightly noticeable stain in the crotch. Wow, I couldn't believe I had in front of me a pair of panties that were just a day or two earlier rubbing up against her moist pussy. I didn't last all that long that first time, looking at her stained crotch and her great smile in those pictures. When I got close I held them up to my face and inhaled slowly and deeply and filled my head with her scent. It was the most amazing 30 seconds of my life as I took in her smell and exploded my load in my hand. She has such a sexy lady scent, very different to many of the other panties I've managed to sniff and jerk off with over the years. And I'm fairly sure that there wasn't any masturbating by her in them, it was just how most of her panties must smell being snuggled up to her sexy hairy pussy for a day. Oh if they only had the scent of her sexual arousal or even better a hint of pee in them.

I enjoyed the scent in her panties at least three times a week for over six months, and each time it was a thrilling release. As time went on I would stroke my cock and edge for an hour or more taking small hits of her pussy smell until I couldn't wait any longer and came hard. Sometimes I'd look at her pictures, other times I'd read stories on this site as I enjoyed her scent. Eventually her scent disappeared, but I would moisten them slightly and put them in the microwave for 20 seconds and her smell would magically reappear, plus they came out warm so I could imagine that I got them fresh with her body warmth on them.

Once I could get no more of her smell from them I began to wear them. I didn't want to ruin her smell with any kind of mine so I had to wait until her scent was gone. I had never worn any kind of panties before and it was a thrill to slip them up my legs and pull them over my ass and balls and cock. They were a bit tight but I so enjoyed wearing them. I would wear them grocery shopping or to other public places secretly knowing to myself that no one knows I have Susan's panties on. As soon as I would get in the car my hand was on my cock squeezing and stroking as I drove home, and once home I would of course jerk off and dump a big load. I always seem to be so hard when I enjoy her panties.

As the weather got warmer I began to wear them around my yard while gardening. I am lucky to have a very private back yard so I would be out there in just her panties and sneakers. Some days if I were in a kinky mood, I would just let go and pee in them when the need arose, and on real hot days when a lot of fluids went in of course a lot of fluids came back out. It is still so hot to me to be sitting by the pool and slowly pee through her panties as I imagine her watching me, or even better peeing herself through her bathing suit. I would eventually jump in the pool with them on and I enjoyed many more masturbation sessions in or around the pool with them on.

This looks to be the last summer that I will get to enjoy them as the elastic is going and they are beginning to tear, but I will wear them as much as I can and I will definitely be cumming on them and in them as much as I can before the summer ends and I toss them out. Before I toss them I should send her a picture of me wearing them. I think she would be surprised that I've gotten so much enjoyment from them. Maybe I'll send her the link to this story so she can see the immense pleasure she's given me for such a long time, all because of a small piece of material and the smell of her pussy. Thank you Susan for being such a great friend!



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