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Susan Surprised Me

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One afternoon while watching football I heard car doors and I looked outside and saw Susan walking up the driveway with her daughter and my nephew behind her. They came inside and we hugged and started talking about their trip up from the valley. They did all sorts of stuff and decided to surprise me. I went and grabbed my camera to take pictures of them. They were seated on the couch and so I stood in front of them to take pictures. I was focused on Susan and caught her gazing at my crotch and I quickly took that picture and told her that was a good picture.

Susan smiled and took another look at my crotch and I said to them all to freeze and Susan kept her eyes on my crotch and I could feel my cock getting hard. After a few more pictures Susan got up and sat on the chair next to mine. Susan was looking good and I kept looking her over. She would take quick glances at my crotch and at times lick her lips. From her chair she had a view of the hall towards the back of my house. Susan had on a skirt and I was getting turned on.

The kids wanted to watch a certain channel that they liked so I gave them the remote. I smiled at Susan and said I'd be right back. I went down the hall and when I reached my room I looked back and watched Susan cross her legs, hiking up her skirt. The curtains were shut and my room was semi dark. I stood by the door looking at Susan watching TV as I dropped my shorts exposing my cock to her twenty-five feet away. I was so turned on I started to jack off looking at Susan's legs and her face wanting her to look my way.

After a few minutes Susan looked down the hall and saw me standing just inside my room with my cock in my hand jacking off at her. She stared for a few seconds and looked away and then after a few more seconds she turned slightly towards me and turned her eyes to watch me. Susan then put her left index finger by her left eye and slid her hips a little bit forward to expose more of her thigh. We watched each other for the next fifteen minutes. I was so turned on I walked out into the hall with the sunlight shining in from the bathroom window to my left completely in the light.

Susan just kept staring at me stroking my cock slowly coming closer to her. Susan was tapping her left ankle, she does that when she's excited. I was ten feet from her with nothing on but my t-shirt jacking off. We stared into each others eyes and bodies for another five minutes before I went back to my room to put my shorts back on. As I was putting my shorts on I tapped over my heart and pointed at her, Susan smiled and looked down at my cock just before I covered him up. I walked back out to the living room and noticed Susan was breathing a little heavier smiling at me. The kids were happy watching their program, so I asked Susan if she wanted to google her house she just bought and she said ok.

We went into my room where my PC was. Susan walked in front of me and I was looking at her fine butt. We entered my room and powered up the PC. As it was coming on I put my arms around Susan from her back and whispered how happy I was to see her, she said she noticed. I started kissing her neck and shoulders and then I pressed my cock against her butt and swung my hips sideways a few times. I sat down and put on the map program and Susan said she'll do it. Susan leaned over the PC and started working on the map and I started kissing her right arm and down her side. When I reached her butt I got on my knees and put my hands under her skirt and felt her thighs and then under her panties to feel her butt. I put my face under her skirt and started kissing her legs.

Susan was talking about her house and the neighborhood and stuff and just let me feel and kiss her body. I reached around her front and started rubbing her pussy, I was so happy and Susan was enjoying letting me have my way with her. I pulled her panties down a bit and kissed her butt and rubbed my face all over her fine butt. Susan reached down and pulled her panties off and put them in my hand. I slid them under the mattress. As Susan kept talking she turned around putting her pussy in my face. I started licking and kissing her pussy and legs. Susan then took two steps and sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back. I put both her legs over my shoulders and my face deep between her inner thighs pleasuring her beautiful pussy.

After five minutes she had a quiet orgasm. I got off the floor and grabbed my camera stood up to take a few pictures of her, Susan didn't mind. I pulled my shorts down showing her my hard cock as I took pictures of her laying back with her skirt up around her waist and her pussy exposed. I also took pictures of her looking at my cock smiling or licking her lips. I moved in close and pushed my hips forward so that my cock was in the photo frame with looking at him. Susan started touching him and I switched to movie mode and taped her feeling my cock and looking at him. I love it when Susan looks at my cock.

Many years ago when I visited my nephew Susan became excited when I was watching her. Susan is five feet five inches tall, blonde hair with nice tits, not too small but just right, with a beautiful butt and fantastic legs.She has thin lips with a beautiful face.She's a beautiful gal. She wears skirts and shorts and I started getting aroused around her. When my nephew wasn't looking at me I was looking at Susan's legs and butt and tits and her eyes. Susan caught me looking at her body many times and just ignored it and at times would give me a short smile. I became obsessed with her body, always thinking of her. Susan seemed to enjoy the attention and at times would expose her inner thighs when sitting down wearing skirts. I was always horny around her and I started letting my cock hang out of my shorts when only she could see him.

When I sat at a table I would pull the cuff of my shorts back behind my cock exposing him and waited for Susan to notice him from where she sat or as she walked around in front of me. Sitting across from her I'd expose my cock's head out of my shorts as we talked. When they sat to watch tv I'd go outside and drop my pants just outside the patio door and look back at Susan stroking my cock. For months I'd find ways to expose myself to Susan, stroking my cock wanting her to look at me.Then one day Susan started taking glances at my cock when he was exposed. The first time was as we sat and talked in the front room.I sat on a love seat with high armrest and my nephew to my left in his easy chair with Susan in front of me on the couch. I pulled back my short's left cuff and my cock was hanging out about six inches pointed at Susan. As Susan and I were talking and my nephew reading a magazine looking at each other she glanced down at my cock. I become more excited as we talked and again she took another look at him. Susan didn't say anything and started taking more glances at my cock. My cock was wanting to burst, that's how excited I was. I reached down with my left hand and slowly started to stroke him with my thumb and index finger. Susan kept looking at me stroking him ,looking up at my eyes and then back down at my cock. I then was so excited I lifted him almost straight up stroking him a little faster. Susan was enjoying it a lot , she would swing her left leg out a bit so I could look up her skirt.

From then on when I visited Susan I always gave her a show. I'd show Susan my cock every chance I could and she'd get excited to, smiling at me, tapping her ankles as she took long glances at my cock as I stroked him or not but he was always outside for her.When she sat by a window to read a book at night with the lamp on I'd go outside and stand by the floor length window and stroke my cock as she read and glanced at my cock being stroked. When I'm outside at night and she goes to the bathroom I'd look in the window and watch her as she pulls down her shorts and sits. When she's done she'd get up but leaves her shorts and underwear around her ankles as she washes her hands knowing I'm outside jacking off watching her. When she's in the kitchen washing dishes I'm outside the window with the light behind her shining down on me with my pants down below my knees stroking my cock at her watching her eyes looking at my cock and at my face.

Back to her visit. After a few minutes of filming I put the camera away and started jacking off in front of Susan. She laid there and watched knowing I love her watching me stroke my cock for her eyes only. I told her I was about to cum and she took a t-shirt laying on the bed and laid it across her chest and stomach covering her but still exposing her pussy to me. I shot my load on the t-shirt as she watched. I kept storking til every drop came out onto the shirt. Susan rolled up the shirt and wiped my cock with it and tossed it in the basket in the corner. I got on my knees and started kissing her left leg starting above her shoe,up to her pussy and down her right leg. I reached under the mattress for her panties and put them on over her shoes,she stood up and I pulled them up her legs. I stood up and we kissed as she fondled my cock. I pulled up my shorts and then we started looking at her house on the monitor. We talked for awhile and then the kids yelled out that they were hungry..



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