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Susan, My Niece

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My niece Susan called me from a shopping mall close to my home, as we chatted I invited her over. It was early in the afternoon so she accepted.

For years I've been turned on by her. It always seemed she enjoyed teasing me by wearing short skirts and keeping her legs apart for me to glance at her panties. Wearing loose baggy shorts crossing her legs and showing all of her under legs. And as always I get a hard-on and she'd notice and smile at me. Many times as we talked I'd catch myself looking at her legs and butt and tits and she'd be smiling glancing at my crotch with a boner. Well, today I was going to show her how happy she makes me.

Susan pulled up my driveway and parked. Before she got out of her car her cell rang, I was standing behind my security door which had a somewhat privacy screen. I waved and went back to my couch and sat down with a view of her in the car. Susan kept glancing towards the door and that got me thinking of exposing myself to her, and that got me excited since we've had a history of teasing each other one way or another.

I was only wearing black stretchy shorts and a black t-shirt. I lifted my right leg on the couch and pulled my hard cock out of my shorts pulling my cuff with my left hand waving him at her. After a few seconds she turned towards me and this time took a little longer to turn away. I was getting turned-on thinking she could see me waving my cock at her.

I started stroking him, wanting her to look my way. It took her twenty seconds before she did. She didn't turn as much but her eyes did. She sat there watching me stroke my cock and taking short glances at my face. I was so excited watching her looking at me exposing myself to her and masturbating, I was loving it.

After a few minutes she opened her door but sat there watching me, still on her cell. After a few minutes she got out and closed her door but staying in view of each other. Susan was wearing my favorite baggy white shorts. She has these beautiful creamy white legs and a tight cute butt. She leant against her car door as she kept talking on her cell taking glances at me.

I was so happy sitting on the couch stroking my cock looking at Susan's legs and her eyes watching me. Susan then sat on the ground leaning on her car door with her back and stretching her left leg out in front of her and bringing her right knee up giving me a great look of her leg. I started stroking faster and that's when she gave me a nice long smile.

Now I knew without a thought that she didn't mind me exposing myself to her. I was visualizing myself feeling and kissing her legs as I stood up and stepped out of my shorts naked from my waist down twenty feet from her.

After a few minutes of us watching each other I heard her say she was at my uncle's house and was going in to see what's up.

She got up as I put my shorts back on and we both met at the door. My cock was still hard under my shorts as I opened the door to let her in.

Susan looked at my boner and hugged me saying 'good to see you uncle'. I told her it's always a pleasure to see her.

Susan sat to my left on a soft chair and I sat back on the couch. She asked, 'what's up?', and couldn't help herself and laughed a little. I smiled too.

As we talked we didn't say anything about what had happened. We did feel more attached to each other, I could feel it as we talked. After a few minutes Susan gave me a smile and glanced down at my semi-hard cock almost poking out of my shorts and leaned back on the chair bringing her right ankle up on her left knee. My cock got hard and four inches of him was exposed. I was excited as we talked and Susan knew it and was enjoying herself.

We each looked down at each other often.

Susan said, 'Uncle, I'm going outside to get a light tan on my legs if that's ok'.

'Sure', I told her as she stood up looking at my cock that I wanted to stroke so badly. She took two steps towards me standing inches from me and took her top off and laid it on the couch. She had on a light bikini top. She took her shorts off and laid them on my left leg inches from my exposed cock smiling as she turned around walking back to her purse grabbing some lotion and walking to the patio door. When she opened the door she looked back at my cock and walked out. Susan grabbed a lounge chair positioning it facing the door.

Before she sat down I was stroking my cock looking at her beautiful legs. I stood up taking my shorts off pacing towards the tinted patio door. I stopped ten feet from the door giving her a side profile of my cock being stroked by the kitchen table.

Susan was putting lotion on her arms, belly and legs watching me masturbate, smiling.

Within ten minutes I was about to cum. I walked over by the sink and grabbed a hand towel and laid it on the table. I stroked my cock another five mintues, holding out as long as I could and shot my load on the towel, I was so excited seeing Susan looking at me jacking off. Susan watched with a smile on her face until I squeezed the last drop out. I folded the towel and dropped it off in the laundry room walking to the bathroom to rinse off. Went back to the front room and put my shorts on and sat on the couch.

After a few minutes Susan walked back into the kitchen. She asked if I had any juice. I went to her and opened the fridge and said 'here you go sweetheart', and gave her cranberry juice. As she took a glass from the cupboard and poured the juice, I put my arms around her waist kissing her shoulders telling her how much I loved her. Susan told me she always loved me and now she loved me more. I started kissing down her right arm and then got on my knees and got my wish as she let me feel and kiss her legs and butt, she was wearing a thong bikini.

After a few minutes she told me she always liked the way I felt and kissed her. Susan said, 'you're my favorite uncle'. I stood up behind her and took out my hard again cock and pressed it against her bare butt.

Susan leaned back and told me that we are going to have a lot of fun together and then turned around grabbing and squeezing my cock as we kissed with each other's tongues in our mouths.

For the next five minutes we felt and kissed and rubbed each other. My fingers went in her pussy and my hands all over her butt and legs.

After we stopped Susan looked at the clock on the wall and said she had to leave. We kissed a minute longer and walked back to the couch where her clothes were. As she put them on I was on my knees feeling and kissing her body. Susan turned around and let me kiss her pussy over her shorts and put her hand under my chin and lifted me up. She kissed me and said, 'I better get home and get dinner ready for your nephew, this stays between us uncle, ok'.

'It does sweetheart', I told her.

I love her body so much, I got on my knees and started kissing her legs again.

Susan turned around and walked towards the door as I got up and said, 'Come over and visit soon, I'd like to see you again', as she looked down at my hard cock poking out of my shorts.

We smiled as she went out the door.



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