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Susan, at Last!

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Here's the dream come true, as promised.


Woke up thirsty and went downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. I grabbed the cup and stayed there, sitting at the table for a moment, idly flipping through a magazine someone had left there.

It was a lingerie catalogue with some nice photos of models wearing beautiful sets of bras and panties, girdles and garter belts. As I was turning the pages, an erection began to shape inside my panties, wound up by the sight of these beautiful women wearing silk and lace lingerie.

The feeling was getting good and I decided to stay a little longer behind the counter, slowly glancing at the images and enjoying the growing stiffness of my cock as I was turning the pages.

At one point my penis began to throb, the head rubbing the soft fabric of my underwear. Unable to hold myself, I stuck a hand inside my pants and grabbed my dick with the whole hand, beginning to stroke it up and down, slowly.

The excitement wouldn't let me hear Susan coming down the stairs to get something in the kitchen. When I realized that she had just entered it was already too late to cover up what I was doing and she figured out clearly that I was masturbating to something she couldn't identify yet.

After some embarrassment for either party, she pulled herself together, pretending not to have noticed, and asked me what I was doing there at that time of night, by myself.

I barely managed to stammer that I came for a glass of water and got distracted by a magazine, getting sleepless.

And were you reading something interesting in the magazine?

Yes, I guess, I replied awkwardly while trying to hide the true nature of the publication content, nervously turning the pages back and forward.

As time went on, Susan was becoming more comfortable and, gradually recovering from the initial shock, she began to gain control over the situation, feeling totally at ease with it. Somehow her grip on the situation turned out to have an easing effect on the strain, forcing me to regain awareness of the boner that kept shaping under my pants.

For the time being Susan had sat on a couch across the kitchen and could only see me from the waist up, since I was still standing behind the counter, facing her. This sudden distension has made me bold and I resumed stroking my penis with my hand once more inside of my underpants, in a very slow motion, almost imperceptible.

The motivation was no longer the images of glamorous models wearing fine lingerie but the sight of this fantastic brunette, barely dressed, in front of me, just a few inches away. I took a long and deliberate look at her legs, gently crossed to the extent that we fail to see and begin to imagine the warm and cosy haven of my lust, and then to the soft bulge of her breasts gently protuberant under the lace negligee, with a slight opening revealing the softness of her milky skin and a suggestion of perky nipples erupting beneath the sheer fabric.

Oh God, how I've yearned to come close to her, feel her breasts shiver under the touch of my hands, feeling the release of her juices by the repeated rubbing of her pussy and finally lick them greedily until orgasm.

At this point I was no longer able to control myself. My cock seemed to have gained a life of its own and threatened to burst any moment. I felt the blistering cum in my balls and I knew it was about to explode in a feast of sperm that promised to spill all over the place. Meanwhile, Susan was fully aware of the effect she was producing on me with her teasing manners.

Although she couldn't see me masturbating, the movements I was making rubbing my cock became increasingly obvious. And the more excited I was, the less I minded about what she could see.

Miraculously, I managed to keep my wank on the edge, for a while, stopping to fondle my penis for several times, just when I was about to cum. I was in ecstasy by delaying my ejaculation, resuming the starting point over and over again.

She went on playing her part as if she remained unaware of the masturbation session that was happening right there, before her very eyes, which had become frantic as the arousal increased.

It must be said that while this was happening, the small talk went on, mostly about the magazine which gave pretext to the spicy innuendo she kept doing all the time.

After some time upholding this game, Susan had the intuition of my impending ejaculation. And just before that happened, she slowly loosened the tie of her negligee, fully exposing her magnificent breasts, while spreading her legs a bit, just enough to reveal her pink dripping tight pussy.

In the meantime, she let me know, saying it in a warm and sensual tone:

I'm aware that you're obsessed with this pair, she said holding her breasts. They are all you need to accomplish your fantasies, isn't it? I bet it's about them you're thinking whenever you masturbate. I want you to know I'm flattered by that. And although you cannot turn me on, I find quite stimulating to know that you masturbate all the time thinking of me. Am I right? If not, I'll leave at once and you can go back to whatever you were doing before, jacking off to these sad images of women printed on paper. But if I'm not wrong then you must be having the time of your life, longing to perform your extreme masturbation for me, while I'm in here with you, in the flesh. So, go ahead and do it for me, if you have the guts.

The yearning was way beyond my grip. I was only able to mumble a quick 'yes', and barely had time to get out from behind the counter, lower my pants and start jerking madly, my upright cock entirely showing, the red shinning head about to burst, throbbing against the palm of my hand, completely covered with a lot of precum that already soaked my underwear. It barely took a minute before I ejaculate, gushing four or five spurts of cum and spilling it all over the floor, making a mess. My cock was swollen and almost aching, still throbbing for a while with a string of cum still hanging from the head. Susan got up and slowly ran his hand over my penis, grabbed the string of cum and licked it from her fingers.

She turned to me and said it was nice... but just this once. You mustn't get used to it. Next time you'll return to 'memory masturbation' and I'll keep providing the stuff for your daydream.



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