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Susan and I

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Went to spend the weekend with Susan at her house last week, and as usual I find a way to pull my cock out and jack off for her to see. We never have sex but she enjoys me sneaking around the house or yard exposing myself to her masturbating. I get so turned on when she takes glances at me and then goes back to what she was doing.

My first opportunity came when I sat in front of her flat screen tv on the couch and Susan was behind her counter looking over some papers some twelve feet behind me. The lamp next to me was of low wattage and we had a good view of each other. I pulled the band of my shorts down and pulled my cock out as I talked to Susan looking at her on the screen. I love it and get so turned on when she watches me on the screen when we talk as I stroke my cock. We did that for half an hour with her smiling and making her slight little noises telling me she knows what I'm doing.

Susan said she had enough of the papers and stood there watching me on the screen. She didn't take her eyes off of me when she came around and stood behind me talking to me. I didn't turn around but watched her on the screen looking at me stroking my cock. After a few minutes Susan cleared her throat and I put him away as she walked around the couch and sat to my right on the corner of the sectional. Susan was wearing a medium length skirt and I could see she had on red panties. After a few minutes as we talked I got on my knees in front of her and started feeling her legs. She didn't object so I started kissing her knees slowly working my way up.

Susan turned the tv on and started flipping channels as my hands went slowly up her outer thighs and my lips up between her legs. I pulled my hands back and between and under her legs back up her thighs and started kissing her sweet inner thighs and panties. I started kissing her pussy over her panties as she watched tv. With my left fingers I pulled her panties over and for the first time I saw her pussy. Just as I couldn't believe my luck Susan arched her back and pulled off her panties and sat back down to watch tv.

I was so happy kissing her sweet inner thighs with her moaning and sighing, awesome. After a few minutes Susan gently pushed my face back and started rubbing her pussy saying 'oh, I'm going to give myself some finger action'. Susan sat there watching me watching her as she masturbated. For five minutes Susan enjoyed herself and then stopped and smiled and told me to go do something so she could watch her show. I stood up, my cock was pushing out my shorts, Susan looked at him and gave a slight smile and went back to her show.

I went down the hallway towards the bathroom around the corner. In the short hallway I dropped my shorts and stepped out of the corner with only my black t-shirt on. I stood there jacking off at Susan for the next half hour. Susan would look at me during commercials. I would be looking at her legs and exposed pussy and her face watching for her glances. When her show was over I went into the bathroom to rinse my cock and wash my hands.

I went and sat next to Susan and after a few minutes started feeling her legs and slowly rubbing her pussy. I reached and took her hand and laid it on my cock. We sat there feeling each other for awhile and then she let me kiss her. Susan said that was enough and I sat next to her with her right leg over mine feeling it and stroking my cock. After awhile she said she had to go the bed and got up and went to her bedroom and bed.

After a few minutes I noticed her light was still on. I thought of something I wanted to do. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and went into her room and laid it out on her bed as she watched me. I stroked my cock until I came on the towel, which didn't take too long. Susan said goodnight, smiling, as I rolled up the towel leaving. I made my bed on the sectional and slept waiting for morning to arrive.



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