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Recently house-sat for a friend. The place is nice and has a deck that faces east. I love to sit out there and catch the morning sun.

I sleep nude and one morning got up, got the paper and made some coffee. It was a nice warm early spring day and I slipped out onto the deck with the paper and coffee, still nude. I was reading the paper and didn't realize it right away, but the neighbors were also getting up and doing some morning yard work.

My friend's yard doesn't have a privacy fence. In fact, on one side there's no fence at all. But the deck has lattice work around it to prevent me from totally being seen by the neighbors. While I'm sitting, I'm pretty much covered. But standing would totally expose me to everyone.

As I sat there trying to figure out what to do, the thought of being naked before all these people was turning me on. They had no idea. I didn't know any of them, so there was no risk of anyone approaching me. So I sat there enjoying the experience.

As I sat there, a neighbor lady called out a hello. She knew I was the house sitter. She said I better put on some sunscreen if I was going to catch some rays. That's when I realized from the top railing of the deck, you could see I wasn't wearing a shirt. It's also when I realized the woman in the next backyard probably had an angle to see that I wasn't wearing anything at all. We chatted for a moment, but I didn't dare move. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. As we talked, I was getting even more turned on. So much so, that I was getting stiff as a board.

The warm sun on my body, my naked predicament and the chat with the woman next door teamed up to get me horny. I began touching myself, which intensifed the feeling. I would sit there stroking and touching myself. I would toy with myself, then stop. After the feeling subsided a bit, I would do it again... and again... and again.

I didn't start out thinking about cumming on the deck. But the feeling that came over me was something else. The thought of having an orgasm in front of these people was very appealing... whether they could see me or not. I continued touching, teasing and stroking myself. Soon I worked myself into a frenzy. I wasn't about to stop. The woman next door was now on her deck and called out saying I was getting red, maybe I should go in now. Little did she know it had nothing to do with being in the sun and everything to do with the activity between my legs. And red wasn't the only color caused by the flash of excitement over my body. My poor cock, teased and touched unmercilessly was turning purple and begging for release.

I was now stroking hard. Every pass of my hand sending a wave of pleasure over my shaft. Each time more intense than the last. Finally, I couldn't hold back. With a final stroke, by orgasm broke free. I body shook as a bolt of pleasure pierced by body. My load shooting before me, landing on the boards. I kept touching myself to keep the feeling as long as possible.

I sat there spent, but satisfied. I was now wondering how I was going to get back in the house. Maybe get low and crawl in. Or maybe treat myself again.



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