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Surprising My Neighbor

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Well, it all started when I was about 16-17 years old. At this time I was really involved sexually and explored all different areas of my sexuality. I always masturbated once a day. I also considered myself a true voyeur. I loved spying on others doing bad things. For example, I had a neighbor who was somewhere in her 30's. Lets say her name was Kristy. She was somehow still single, although, I always thought she had married young and now was divorced. She was a business type lady, very goal oriented and had THE BEST body. She had brown hair, average height, thin, not very big breasts, but the nicest butt. I admit looking out the window spying on her when she was in her yard. I loved it when she sat on her deck with just a swim suit on. It got me so hard.
So anyways, one summer afternoon I decided to lay out in the sun and read a magazine. My parents were both at work and wouldn't be getting home for a while. I always wanted to try nude sun tanning. Since I was the only one home, I decided to go for it. I quickly pulled down my shorts and laid out. It felt really erotic. I quickly began getting a little horny with my new experience. My dick slowly started to rise. I gently started to rub my testicles and that's when I heard the gate open up. It was Kristy!!! I quickly sat up and covered myself. She was startled also and dropped the mail that she must have been carrying over. The situation completely embarrassed both of us. She looked away and explained to me that some of my mail was delivered to her house. I noticed her face was getting red. She didn't know how to handle the situation. Kristy then walked out without another word and went into her house.
I sat there stunned. I couldn't believe what just happened. My neighbor had just caught me wacking off. I did say that I was sexually active but only with myself. I've never done anything with another girl, and sure have never been caught by one, but it just got better after this.
I already had my shorts pulled back on when Kristy came back outside and stepped back into my yard. 'We have to talk,' she said. 'What I think you were doing is totally cool with me. There is no need to be embarrassed. A lot of people masturbate and you just startled me. That's all.' Still red in my face and I just nodded. I thought I was in the clear and she was about to leave but that's when she sat down next to me. By the way, she was looking good that day. She had a black business suit on made for women. It had a white blouse underneath which was unbuttoned a little exposing some cleavage. She wore tight black slacks that her nice tight little butt fit into. You could even see the vague outline of her panties through them. It was a beautiful sight. So anyways she continued on the conversation and looked curious. 'You must masturbate quite often if you have the courage to do it outside like this.' All I could do was smile. 'I hope I didn't stop you from finishing.' I noticed that there was a bulge growing in my shorts that she must have noticed because she put her hand on my lap and worked in closer to my crotch. At this point I was completely hard. 'Do you mind?' she asked. 'Uhhh no go ahead,' I said shocked. She reached carefully lifted up my waistband and maneuvered her hand through my pubic hair until her fingers caressed around my raging hard on. She told me to relax and used her other hand to push my upper body back into the chair. She further unbuttoned her blouse until the whole front side was open revealing her black lace bra. With the other hand she unsnapped her pants and zipped down the zipper. I noticed a small bush outline coming through her matching black panties. I couldn't resist the sight. I leaned forward again. Note that I'm on one of those reclining chairs and she was kneeling on it on the foot end. I moved forward and wrapped my arms around her body. My chest was pushing right on her lower stomach. I put my hand around her hips and slid my fingers under and past her waistband and massaged her tiny butt. Her legs were still together while kneeling. My boner pushed into her and she kind of grabbed hold of it with her thighs in a way. I eventually pulled down her pants and she pushed me back down. She straddled my own thighs, right below my penis. She then leaned on top of me rubbing her entire body right on top of mine and whispered 'I'll help you finish what you already started.' Hey I couldn't argue with this. I swear to you I almost came right there. She then got back up and continued to straddle me. She reached for the bottle of sun tan lotion and poured a little all over my crotch. She took both of her hands and worked them all over by penis. She even massaged my balls. She obviously done this before because she was excellent. She jerked me up and down. I soon told her I couldn't hold back anymore and she told me 'cum for me baby, cum hard babe.' So I did. It went everywhere. This was the most I had ever came. Some even managed to reach inside her chest. I sat up and put my tongue to work and nibbled on her nice little breasts. All I said was 'wow' and I laid back down in delight. She said 'no problem, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.' Without anymore words she gathered her things and walked back into her house. I laid there for another minute or so taking in what had just really happened. This was hands down one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. This was not my only experience that happened with me and Kristy however. I'll let you know next time I have a chance when I repaid her the favor.
Happy Masturbating.



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