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Surprising Jeremy

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I had known Jeremy all my life, but was not a close friend of his in that he was a shy boy. This changed one surprising weekend. The linked story awakened this memory.


Our families were close friends each with four kids, Jeremy and I being the youngest. We were both separated in age from the next child by five or six years, so we had little contact with our siblings.

I was gregarious, and had a lot of friends my own age. Jeremy was shy, and had few. His mother must have asked my mother to see if J and I couldn't become friends in that I was surprised and angered by my mother telling me that I had been invited to spend the weekend with J and his family at their summer home, and that the reason for the invitation was to see if J and I could become friends which they hoped would result in J being included in the group of boys I hung out with. I didn't like the idea at all, because Saturday was the day my 'group of friends' met for our weekly circle jerk.

I couldn't tell my mother the real reason for my displeasure, so after a few protests I glumly agreed. The following Saturday evening we set out for their summer house.

The drive took about an hour; Jeremy and I rode in the back of their big van, and attempted to start a conversation. It was slow at first, but we finally discovered that we had an interest in swimming, and that J had a secert little lake that he often went to for skinny dipping.

This was his great secret, because his mother long ago forbade swimming anywhere else than in their pool. I began to believe that maybe this weekend wouldn't be as boring as I thought. It was very exciting.

J was about six months younger than I and a little shorter. When we arrived, J suggested that we get in a swim before supper. I agreed, and we went to his room to change into our swim suits. That produced my next surprise. J began removing his clothes without any apparent hesitation. I followed his example, and our peckers were soon in view. I was especially proud of my then six-incher which was circumcised and garnished by a thin halo of pubic hair.

I was amazed to see J's equipment. His penis was about five inches long soft; he was uncut with a long foreskin, and had as much pubic hair as I. That was a little intimidating, and I began to wonder if J was the shrinking violet I had been led to believe he was.

We got in our swim, showered, and had supper. His parents and their adult guests drifted off to the den, and left J and I to ourselves. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I agreed.

We went to his room, and he popped a tape into the TV which we watched for a while. Then, he asked if I would like to see something more exciting. I asked him if he had another tape. He said this one was a DVD.

He popped it in, and it turned out to be a soft porn movie which had a lot of scenes of beautiful naked women swimming and cavorting with men and other womem. We watched for a while; both of us getting huge hards. J kept glancing at me letting his eyes drift to my groin where he couldn't miss seeing the tent in my pants, nor could I fail to see his hard.

We were both squirming around because our dicks were so uncomfortable. He rearranged his pecker, and finally said, ' I can't take this anymore. I've got to do something about my prick; it's hurting.'

With that, he stripped off his shorts and briefs, and I saw the biggest penis I had seen until then. It was at least an inch and a half longer than my six-incher and very thick.

I followed his example, and we were both nude from the waist down. His monster's head was still covered by his foreskin even though he had a raging hard. I couldn't restrain my curiosity, and asked him why his head wasn't out. He replied that it never came out completely unless he pulled down on his shaft which he always had to do when he jacked off or peed.

While we were talking, I was gently stroking my pride and joy with a light grip. J noticed this, told me to wait a minute, went to his bathroom, came back with a jar of vaseline, and said, 'We both will need this.'

He lubed up his dick then handed me the vaseline. I lubed up too, and we were off to the first of ten jack off sessions of that weekend. My next surprise was to watch his technique. In the early stages of his masturbation, he used a light grip as I did with his hand sliding over his shaft. As his dick reddened and he got more into it with his breathing deepening. He held his shaft tighter just like I did, but in addition, he pulled down with his left hand on the base of his dick so that his head was uncovered while he jacked fiercely away with his right hand. The last surprise of the evening happened when he came. He shot at least five ropes of thick white come then oozed for a long time. He was watching me just as closely, and commented that the load I shot was pretty big.

We both asked at the same time if we always shot so large a load. The answer both of us gave was this was a special one because we were jacking off with another boy that neither of us ever thought of as a jack off buddy.

We did another two sessions before we fell asleep. Then the next day, we hiked to J's special lake, swam nude, jacked off twice, returned to the house, jacked off again, then did it before going to sleep.

The following Monday, at supper, my mother told me that I had had a wonderful effect on J according to his mother. I smiled and said that I was happy to hear it. J joined our weekly circle jerk becomming a popular member, certainly the one with the biggest dick, and most interesting technique. I did enjoy the linked story; its events were different but related.



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