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Surprising Encounter

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I have posted a couple of true accounts of m/m mutual hand jobs after learning from my older cousin.


By the time I left home to attend college, I was discerning enough to know that my straight buddies had, for the most part, outgrown their desire to explore their sexual curiosity. Unlike high school, my friends had fully matured and were developing sexual relationships with women. Secretly, I knew at this point in my life that I preferred guys, however, I also knew that I was put together differently than the majority of gay men. For example, I did not have any effeminate traits and the majority of my friends were straight males. By college I had joined a fraternity and my reputation as a hardcore partier had been kicked up a notch.

Over the summer, I had returned to my parents home in the rural Midwest because I had a good paying job waiting for me that allowed me to save enough money to live on during my upcoming sophomore year. I was working quite a bit and was growing out of touch with many of my friends from high school being away at college. One guy that I was in touch with had not actually been a good friend of mine in high school, although we had been in the same circle. This guy was a good worker and balanced his time between farming and hauling grain. He had purchased a semi-truck and was doing pretty well financially. This afforded him plenty of party supplies and since I was only interested in connecting with guys that partied, he and I began spending more time together getting drunk, etc.

I should probably describe what he and I looked like at the time. I was 5'8" 150lbs. I had discovered the weight room in college and lifted weights frequently, so I was really fit and was proud of my physique. Brent was closer to 5'10" and I would guess closer to 170lbs. Brent had a good physique due to growing up with farm work. One thing I noticed was that Brent looked very well hung if the bulge in his jeans was any indication of what he was packing. At this time I was fully grown and had a 7" cock. Neither Brent or I were hairy guys. I had already seen him shirtless since most guys in the country often go shirtless in the summer when working out on the farm. Brent also had a nice v shaped torso, which I find very attractive in a guy's build.

One night Brent showed up at my house wanting to know if I wanted to go party somewhere. Brent was all cleaned up having come from his sister's wedding reception so he looked particularly attractive, dressed in a pair of nice slacks and shirt, which was a big change from his usual jeans and t-shirt. I agreed and we took off in his car. We mostly drove around the country and eventually parked by a meadow so that we could talk and drink beer. Within a couple of hours we were both done for the night and Brent drove me home. He also asked to sleep at my house since he knew that driving anywhere in his state was becoming a bad idea. I agreed that he could crash with me since my folks were asleep and really didn't pay any attention to what I was up to once I had left for college.

I remember that I stripped to my boxers and climbed into my queen sized bed. Brent pulled off his shoes and socks as well as his shirt but did not take off his dress slacks. I imagine that both of us had fallen fast asleep within minutes of climbing into the bed. Several hours later I very groggily woke up, realizing that Brent had rolled toward me in the bed and was lying on my hand and forearm. It had to be the pressure of his weight that had brought me out of a very deep sleep. Brent was lying on his stomach and in my haze I can remember thinking that I could gently pull my hand out from under his waist without waking him up. He was softly snoring so I knew he was sleeping. However, my next thought was that my hand was also being pressed against what felt like a sizable boner. Still dressed in his cotton slacks, I could definitely tell by the feel of it that Brent was hard.

Suddenly, I was fully awake and was nearly immediately around myself. Up to this point, although I had convinced a few of my friends to jack me off as I returned the favor, I hadn't been in this situation since high school. Furthermore, I had never taken advantage of anyone when they were sleeping. Deep down, I'm a very proud ethical guy and feeling a guy up when sleeping was not something I'd have ever initiated. However, I was so horny, I decided to leave my hand where it was and even moved it just a bit wanting to explore the contour of Brent's massive hardon. Almost immediately, Brent stopped snoring and I immediately froze, thinking I might have been busted. He then begin moving his hips a bit as he continued pressing his crotch against my hand. Brent's movements lasted for about 30 seconds and I couldn't help but feel butterflies in my gut as it became more and more obvious that Brent was hard as steel and was enjoying his gyrations against the palm of my hand. Eventually, I couldn't help myself. Giving into my impulse (and the horniness of the situation) I offered a gentle squeeze. Brent stopped moving when he felt me squeeze his crotch and so I remained perfectly still, wondering what he would do next.

Next, Brent rolled away from me onto his back and freeing my arm from the weight of his body and I assumed that he was probably still in a deep sleep. Still feeling excited yet kind of guilty that I had just felt up my straight friend, I assumed that I'd assumed that nothing else would result from what had just occurred. However, in a few minutes, I could hear Brent moving around and suddenly realized he was unbuckling his belt and was removing his dress pants. Again my gut was flooded with butterflies, still unsure what Brent was thinking and wondering if he knew I was awake or if he knew my squeezing his crotch had been intentional. Once Brent removed his pants, he remained lying on his back and I thought he had simply awoken and realized he was still partially dressed and had taken off his pants so that he could seep more comfortably. However, this was not the case. Brent began to slowly roll toward me and deliberately rolled on top of me in the pitch black bedroom. We were now lying still in my bed wearing only our tight briefs with out boners pressed together under Brent's heavy frame. Neither of us said a word and Brent begin gyrating his hips once again as though he was dry humping a girl.

I had never been so excited never guessing that this totally straight farm boy would ever be curious to explore his sexuality with another guy, let alone a buddy. From his movements I had grown hard as a rock and was content to continue my charade of being asleep and enjoy the sensation that Brent was now initiating. Brent continued to silently move his hips and grind his body into mine with his face boring into the pillow next to mine. I could hear his breathing become more raspy as he continued humping and hoped that he would continue his gyrations long enough so that I could cum. I was so excited by the feel of his hardness that I knew it wouldn't take very long for me to ejaculate in my briefs. However, Brent had other ideas. To my surprise, Brent began to move up my body and very slowly positioned his brief covered crotch against my mouth and lips. I immediately realized that this guy was trying to urge me to put my mouth on it and my surprise and excitement was unbelievable. However, I had always made it a habit to never put myself in a risky situation with a straight guy and I knew that taking a leap such as blowing my friend could lead to unforeseen consequences in the future. Therefore, I simply remained still with his hardon pressed against my face. Brent continued to push his crotch against my mouth and eventually pulled down the waistband of his briefs hoping that I would take this signal as an opportunity to suck him. As much as I wanted to, I still held firm and did nothing to indicate that I was open to giving him head. In time, Brent decided to pull his briefs completely off and moved back to his original position so that we could continue grinding our cocks.

This time, I took the initiative and rolled on top of Brent. I then slipped off my own briefs feeling secure enough to finally get naked. I then reached my hand between us and begin squeezing Brent's cock. In the darkness I felt his hardness and realized that our cocks were similarly shaped but that he was quite a bit larger than me. The sexual tension between us only increased as Brent reached down and begin squeezing my own throbbing member. After a few minutes of this, it didn't take long for us to both reach a point of no return as he began to spasm and ejaculate into my crotch. Within seconds I had my own sweet orgasm as I ground my crotch against with cum soaked crotch. As soon as I finished, I rolled off of Brent, wondering how all of this was going to play out in the morning. We both used our briefs to clean ourselves up and unbelievably we both fell back to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning I realized that Brent was gone. Not surprisingly, we avoided each other for the next couple of weeks but he eventually began coming around again and we both acted as though the events that occurred during his sleepover never happened. It would be another year before he and I connected at a party and proceeded to rent a hotel room together but that's another story.



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