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I was on vacation in Toronto for a dew days. Nothing too interesting. I'd never been there and thought it might be a nice place.

So far the vacation had been pretty boring and I was heading back to my hotel to get changed before heading out for the night.

I got in the elevator and two girls followed me in. They were early 20s and both STUNNING to look at. There was a redhead wearing the shortest skirt I'd ever seen and a gorgeous asian girl (I've always had a thing for asians).

Anyway I ask them which floor and we head up in silence for a few moments. Then I hear whispering and giggling from the girls. I turn to them and smile which starts more giggling. O.K. I think to myself.

Suddenly the redhead steps forward and presses the STOP button.

She turns to me and says, 'I'd like to ask you something'.


'We're doing a scavenger hunt and I'm wondering if you could help us?'

I look over at the asian girl who looks really embarassed, 'I'll try' I reply.

'We have everything on the list except for one last thing'.

I ask her what the last thing on her list is...

'We need a photo of a penis'.

This is not something that happens to me. I'm not a looker by any means but, like any man, I get excited about the idea of a hot young girl who wants to see what I've got. 'Really?' I ask her.

'It'd be a great help. Normally I wouldn't ask but we're desperate and we're about to lose. Just a picture. I have a camera in my phone. Please'

At this point I notice the asian girl is looking embarassed but hopeful.

I figure - what the hell. I unzip and slap out my cock. I'm already starting to harden so I've got a good length going. The redhead whispers 'wow', smiles and kneels down to get a picture. I think of myself as about average. I'm 6.5 inches and I've never had this kind of attention before.

I look over at the asian girl who is trying to look. 'It's OK. You can come over and have a look too' She giggles but comes closer to look.

So here I am in an elevator, with two gorgeous girls staring at my junk. I have the biggest erection I've ever had and my balls are starting to hurt from all the built up pressure.

The Asian whispers to the redhead, 'I've never seen an uncut one before'. Since I have her face almost level with my cock I'm feeling pretty bold.

I smile at her and slide my foreskin back. Apparently her curiosity got the better of her and she starts asking questions. 'Does it hurt when you slide that back', 'DO you have to wash specially?' that kind of thing.

Meanwhile the redhead is moving around to get pictures from different angles.

I ask the redhead, 'Do you want to touch?' she smiles and shakes her head so I turn to the asian, 'How about you?' She bites her lip and blushes. 'Go on, it's OK. Think what a great picture it'd make'. The redhead agrees so she kneels down, grabs my cock in one hand, points the head towards her mouth and smiles for the camera.

After taking a couple of more pictures the redhead thanks me and shuts her phone. The asian asks her if she has enough pictures and she says yes.

I figure I might as well go for it so I ask if her camera does video. She said it does so I tell her to start filming and I'd give her something good for the scavenger hunt.

Once the camera's running I grab my dick and start rubbing furiously while staring at the girls. They are both staring in amazement at my member mouths and eyes wide open. I'm so excited it doesn't take more than a minute and I'm hit by the most amazing orgasm I've ever had. The asian gasps as my come shoots across the elevator and hits the wall between them. After 7 or 8 more spurts I'm still shuddering but their amazement has turned to smiles.

I clean up as they whisper amongst themselves and when I'm done the redhead hits the stop button again restarting the elevator.

We arrive at my floor and the doors open to reveal my friend. The redhead walks past me, kisses me on the lips and says 'Thanks'. Then the asian walks by, she grabs my crotch while giving me a long slow kiss. She smiles and walks away.

My friend says, 'DUDE!'

I just smile



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